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Letters from the Front


Nintendo’s Switch exploded onto the scene earlier this year and continues to be a massive hit. Hundreds and hundreds of great games hit the shelves this year, like Wolfenstein II and Super Mario Odyssey,  Microsoft launched the Xbox One X last month and released VR headsets with VR maybe coming to the Xbox One X in the near future?

However, this article isn’t the best this year has to offer. This article is all about the worst disappointments that the year had to offer, as the title says.

As 2017 comes to a close in about 3 weeks time, it’s time to take a look at the biggest disappointments of the year, not only games but also companies and happenings.

Visceral Games

Here’s something that happened recently, not too long ago. Citing a lack of a faith, EA decided to shut down Visceral Games and kill their story-driven Star Wars game which was said to be Uncharted but in the Star Wars universe. Visceral Games was talented and it’s a shame.

Visceral Games was best known for the Dead Space saga and the less than stellar Battlefield: Hardline, Dead Space arrived at a time when horror seemed to go on a different direction due to the successes of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 changed the game forever and then Dead Space happened. Dead Space and Dead Space 2 launched to critical acclaim and it seemed that Horror was saved until Dead Space 3 melted into a fiery mess after EA attempted to broaden the game’s appeal by adding early microtranscations, making the game action-oriented, and cover-based combat which was a far cry from the first 2 games and then EA decided to shutter the franchise.

After Dead Space 3, Visceral Games released Battlefield: Hardline in 2015, a game that wasn’t very good and was very lackluster and mediocre, and then they were projected to release a Star Wars linear driven, narrative-driven game in the style of Uncharted. EA decided to not only shoot their project but the studio as well.


Star Wars: Battlefront II

EA managed to piss off everybody including the state of Hawaii when Star Wars: Battlefront II had microtranscations and lootboxes.

I’m going to say here that Battlefront II should’ve been a good game, I’m currently playing through it and it’s everything that Battlefront 2015 should’ve been: new content, no season pass, boatload of new maps. What could possibly go wrong and what could they possibly fuck up?

Despite the game being really-good looking and dripping with authenticity. EA managed to fuck it up big time, EA’s greed once again got the best of them. They had DICE design the progression with the ability to bypass time with your hard-earned cash instead of sitting down and grinding the multiplayer, they managed to create a division between players with income and players without extra income. The Haves and Have Nots.

Congratulations EA, you managed to fuck it up yet again. 2017 seems to be the year of the lootcrates and big publishers like EA not caring anymore about the backlash.


Call of Duty: WW2

This game was promised to us as the return of Call of Duty and the return to the good old days where BOTG ruled supreme, but frankly it isn’t the case. We got bamboozled.

Call of Duty: WW2 is a complete disappointment of a game and a disappointment of a WW2 title at that. WW2 launched with a campaign that I’ve seen a dozen times before in the ‘2000s and a story that has been done a million times better by films like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, it tried to tell the story of the Holocaust but it came off as unnatural and flat. The characters failed to make me care about them, the story took us to the same places that games from the ‘2000s took us without doing anything new.

The multiplayer on the other hand is a complete mess, Sledgehammer lied to us about the whole entire multiplayer experience and for that matter the whole entire game citing it as a “Historical Accurate experience.”  and then back-tracking to just say “Campaign only.” when that it isn’t the case, the multiplayer is a mess with broken hitmarkers, broken guns, 9 maps, Supply Drops, etc. Also they managed to fuck up League Play or Ranked Play for that matter.

This game is a complete disappointment with weapon variants coming tomorrow, Sledgehammer lied  to us about weapon variants and they lied to us about everything. WW2 reconfirmed that this franchise isn’t doing it anymore.

Bastonge 2

The Demise of Mass Effect

I’m a huge fan of Mass Effect, Andromeda launched back in March and launched in a horrible state. I never got to finish it because it was so underwhelming and it didn’t have the same thing that made the originals so captivating and it was a depressing end to the franchise.

EA closed down the studio that developed Andromeda and also shuttered it’s Expansion packs, I personally believe that the game had been delayed to Summer or Early Fall then it would’ve been much better but per usual, EA prioritized their short-term goals to appease investors over consumers and their long-term goals as tradition demands from EA. Shame.

Where’s da Games, Xbox?!!

The Xbox One X has been a resounding success since it’s launch in November, however for the past four years Microsoft has been criticized for it’s lack of exclusives. Sea of Thieves was delayed to 2018, as well as Crackdown 3 which was intended to launch side by side with the Xbox One X has also been delayed.

Exclusives that launched this year to showcase the Xbox One X was Cuphead ( which launched in September.) , Super Lucky’s Tale, and Forza 7. This year has to be one of the weakest years in terms of Xbox launch exclusives.

Playstation has been dominating this field since 2013, with major hits like The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Spider-Man, and much more. Most of the games that Microsoft launched this year was small indie games or niche games like Halo Wars 2.

Microsoft has been lacking in this department, they’re lacking a Triple A heavy hitter that isn’t Halo or Gears. Both of those franchises are slowly dying, we’re in a world now that those games have already seen the light of day. Also, they’re missing a roadmap like Playstation has. Playstation has a complete roadmap to what they’re releasing but they also know what’s coming further along. It would be nice for Xbox to have that.




And that’s a wrap. This year was just a flat out disappointment despite the plenty of good things that came but it was still a disappointing year for the game industry. Please let me know in the comments if you want  me to do another list of disappointments in 2018, I enjoyed doing this. What were your biggest gripes of 2017?


4 comments on “Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2017

  1. If you enjoy doing disappointment lists, go for it in 2018 too!

    1. Physics says:

      Did you like it? I liked doing it.

      1. I definitely liked reading it!

      2. Physics says:

        That’s great! I’m trying to do a little bit more feedback on the content that I put out. 🙂

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