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Letters from the Front


(This is a repost. Original post was back in December but decided to remove it and re-post it in the New Year. Spread the word!)

I’m pulling an EA, I’m going to start adding microtranscations and P2W aspects on the website, I’m joking actually.

As 2018 begins, I decided to start up a Patreon back in December and you’re interested and want to take a look, the link is down below. I started to think about Patreon a few months ago, but placed the idea in the back of my head until now. I will detail everything in this blog post:

I’m DJ and I’ve been a longtime gamer, like many others. I’ve been gaming for the past decade, starting out on PC and then moving to the console space in 2004 while continuing to play on PC. I’ve taken up writing articles in my spare time because I enjoy it and I actually like it, it’s a habit that I get from College and from High School. Writing up history papers and spending alot of late nights going overboard before the due date is something that I enjoy and something that I excel at so I decided to take it to the next level.

In September 2015, I launched Galaxy and since then the blog has grown to feature Reviews, First Impressions, Opinion think pieces and I do it all on my own spare time. The blog has 280 posts and it continues to grow.

  • I have numerous goals like expanding the blog from the blog format into something you see on Polygon or the big dotcoms, like a web-magazine or something like that.
  • I will not include advertisements or monetization on the website: I hate advertisements and I imagine you’re the same way, when you go to Youtube and have to put up with 100 different ads and it becomes so annoying, I don’t want to do that and furthermore, I don’t want you to come onto the website and have to put up with advertisements, I want you to read without the need for you to scroll through ads.
  • I won’t score my reviews. It’s something that I used to do but no longer do, I feel like review scores tend to limit the review and also tend to not be indicative of said review. Also, a review is someone’s opinion so why put a score on it? I have done away with it entirely.
  • I write on a fairly regular basis, sometimes I won’t write at all but I’m working on that and working on my presence; you know actually being on time and writing on time. I am open to feedback and criticism; regardless if you do or do not become a patron, I will consider your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms. Tell me what you want to see more of, less of, or something I can do better at. I’ll take it all.

If you want to support me in this endeavor, I will lay out what the funds will go to. Funds will go to maintaining the blog and expanding it into something bigger and better then what it is currently.

Also, keep in mind that I do this for fun and I’m not under any sort of delusion that I belong with the big dotcoms or can compete with them, god forbid I can’t. This is something that I like to do, it’s something that I enjoy, and want to show it.


If you want to support me in this endeavor, I will do my best to make you proud and I will do my best to be on time. All patrons are free to contact me on Twitter or here.

If you don’t want to become a patron, I look forward to reading your comments on the site and telling me what needs work and if you choose to become a patron, I plan on creating some excellent content that’s worth your time.

If you have the means to support me and want to send some money my way, please feel free to although it is optional, I’m doing this for free and for my enjoyment. Thank you all for the support you’ve given me these past 3 ( 2 and a half 😉 ) years.



Link to Patreon:


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