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Letters from the Front


The Age of Booty has begun.


This week in gaming news, Matt Booty, the former head of Minecraft’s Business moved up to the head of First Party. Exciting news!

Booty will report directly to Phil Spencer, and oversee the company’s game publishing ambitions including First Party.  After Phil was promoted, his previous position was left empty since 2014 and Booty’s appointment finally fills in that position after all this time.

Gamesbeat decided to do an interview with Phil Spencer where he issued the following statement when asked about Booty’s promotion.

” I wanted to make sure we had the right organization in place to deliver on our content goals. With that, I made the decision that I wanted to anoint a leader of our Microsoft Studios organization, which if you’ve tracked it, I’ve had the leaders of our individual franchises reporting to me for the last three and a half years. That’s been great in driving our all-up strategy and getting us to the point where Satya was willing and eager to make the investment in gaming that he’s made, but it’s also become very clear to me that we’re going to invest more in content, which we are doing, and that a unified studios leadership organization was going to be critical to our long-term success. I’ve asked Matt Booty to step up into the role of leading Microsoft Studios.”

It’s awesome to see some fresh faces taking over Microsoft Studios as he has alot of experience within the games industry. Perhaps, Booty is the man we need to bring Xbox back from the ashes. Hopefully, he will bring some of that hot new exclusive franchises that Xbox desperately needs to compete with Sony. Let it be known here that the age of Booty has begun.


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