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Letters from the Front


The Nintendo Switch has now set records here in the United States and Japan as the fastest selling console, beating out both the PS2 and the Wii when it comes to early adoption.

The Nintendo Switch proved me wrong, all the way, although there are things that still need questioning but it has proved me wrong. At the onset, I believed that the Switch was just another Wii U and it was going to fail, but it proved me wrong all the way. How did a system with such a weird and unconventional idea behind it get so big and so fast so quickly? I believe that the Nintendo Switch is bringing Nintendo back from the slump that it was in when they launched the Wii U back in 2012.

The Switch has no competition. It’s the first of it’s kind and it’s the flagship system for Nintendo’s exclusives. There’s no other system in the market that does what the Switch currently does and currently and maybe never will gain any competition from both Sony and Microsoft. Both Sony and Microsoft don’t have much need or use for on the go gaming. The Switch itself is selling more hardware units then both the PS4 and Xbox One when those two systems launched in 2013, for the near future; it seems like Nintendo is keeping to themselves and that is good.

The price is pretty much favorable than the other two options, it is much lower than that of the Xbox One X and the Playstation 4. The Switch sold for $299.99 and it can be played basically anywhere which adds to the price point. The Switch is priced well enough for parents who feel comfortable and people who feel comfortable with it as a second system, I and many of my friends don’t really find the Nintendo Switch appealing but that doesn’t mean other people do. Price sometimes is everything, but a lower price is better and is favorable.

Along with the price point, the Switch is friendly to about everyone, mostly kids. The Switch is another Nintendo product which looks and feels like a toy, I mean that in both ways ( The Hardcore Gamer in me is basically rolling his eyes but.. offtopic.) Parents feel safe with a Switch as opposed to a Playstation 4 or Xbox, they can let their kids play it and the biggest games like Mario appeal to most if not all the demographic that isn’t me and my friends. Nintendo built upon that and success was made, the games themselves are fun and easy to play and also comes with co-op included for the parents and kids to play together. Nintendo has mastered the art of this.


Outside of Playstation, Nintendo has had a killer 2017 although Nintendo was in competition with itself all of last year. Zelda and Mario are two of the biggest names in all of gaming, but here’s the catch: Nintendo has released a new game in each franchise and each game was something that somebody wanted and in many ways, they are finally giving the fans what they wanted for so long. Nintendo is going all in.

From Mario Kart to Splatoon, Nintendo Switch is exceeding expections. I believe that the Nintendo Switch is the greatest accomplishment yet for Nintendo and it’s a resounding success. Kudos to Nintendo for killing it.

2 comments on “The Nintendo Switch Is Bringing Nintendo Back

  1. Never count Nintendo out of the game 🙂

    1. Physics says:

      I’m glad they’re coming back into the fold. I hope the Wii U days are far behind them

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