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Letters from the Front


It kind of seems too soon for a new Dishonored game so close to 2016’s Dishonored 2. Don’t worry, however,  Death of the Outsider is a standalone expansion to the story and is a standalone epilogue seen in Dishonored 2. Death of the Outsider is satisfying both in size and challenge without the need to go big.

Playing as Billie Lurk, Daud’s former right-hand, the title of the expansion says it all. She sets off on a quest to kill the outsider for obvious reasons. Death of the Outsider wouldn’t be a Dishonored game if there wasn’t superpowers and her bag of tricks, while you are limited to three superpower abilities and cool toys to play around with, are pretty well-balanced and satisfying to use. All of the games revolve around two to three powers, with some good and fun options on the side, and all of this ups the notch and dials it up to eleven.

Displace is your main go-to power. It’s a time-delayed teleport, letting you place a marker and jump to it when triggered, the ability to get away means you can use it as a quick tactical getaway- leaving behind a Ghost Billie outline somewhere safe so you can hop back in and get back to work. Then there’s Foresight, a projection-like power that has you floating around a level, spotting enemies and objects / locations of interest. What’s interesting is if you have Displace and Foresight together, these two abilities can break a level and turn it into a playground for you.

There’s another ability to use which is called Semblance which allows you to suck off the face of a guard and allows you to bypass security checkpoints. It’s like a disguise of sorts, it doesn’t have any combo to it but it can be a useful tool when you’re in a pinch or can’t see a good route to take. While three powers sound very limiting and it is, it’s well balanced with the scale of the expansion. Unlike Dishonored 2, levels here are smaller and tightly compact, but still has that ring of exploration to do it that Dishonored 2 had.

Much like Dishonored 2, it’s an expansion that allows you to have fun while still giving you that Dishonored experience that you can only get in a Dishonored game. For example, your magic recharges on it’s own instead of picking up bottles like in the base game but there’s very little when it comes to upgrades, only bone charms to seek. Chaos options aren’t a thing here, so the game just leaves it up to you.


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a fun and light game, it doesn’t take long to beat unlike Dishonored 2. You can extend your playtime further by collecting bone charms or 100% all of the contracts that you are given.

The story is okay at best, nothing too special, it’s incredibly downsized to that of Dishonored 2. It feels rushed and a few filler things to get to the ending, it doesn’t really pick momentum until halfway through. At first, it was boring to play but then as soon as I got into the rhythm of things, I found footing and it was an enjoyable experience. The story serves an ending to the story so far and it gives the story so far a fitting end.

Final Thoughts:

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an enjoyable smaller-scale version of Dishonored 2 and a conclusion to the Dishonored series so far. I hope one day, there is a Dishonored 3 to wrap up the franchise but I’ll take this if there isn’t.

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