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Letters from the Front


With all the new games that released in 2017, Battlefield 1 continues to give me more content to go back too. The third expansion “Turning Tides,” was split in two with the first half coming out in December and the second half releasing last month, I decided to put out my review just before the last and final expansion to release for the game on Tuesday.

They Shall Not Pass opted for more action on the Western Front and In The Name of the Tsar headed to the snowy regions of Russia during the First World War and for the first time going beyond the war to the Russian power struggle of 1918-1923. This expansion is all about the naval warfare of the First World War and adds Gallipoli to the game although it doesn’t feel like it fits the theme of naval warfare and it feels like they could’ve added Gallipoli in a free update or a free expansion pack, but nevertheless Turning Tides is one hell of an expansion although it could’ve been better.

The greatest strength that Battlefield 1 has is the multiplayer aspect, much like In The Name of the Tsar and They Shall Not Pass, Turning Tides not only adds to the experience but also changes it up with the new balancing patch which overhauls the TTK and a boast of brand new iconic maps that isn’t Gallipoli like Zeebrugge and Heligoland Bight. The four new maps are small to medium-sized based except for Capes Helles. Zeebrugge features 8 control points that are stretched across a mole as the British pull off a daring raid to end the U-Boat threat in Belgian waters, while Heligoland Bight is comprised of a huge island in the middle and open sea all around as naval ships go head to head against each other in the first naval battle of the war. Heligoland and Zeebrugge are beautiful maps, the type of beauty that only DICE can pull off with their in-house engine.

Zeebrugge is a map that is beautiful, it’s set on a mole at midnight as the British attempt to pull off a daring raid on the heavily fortified port of Zeebrugge to destroy the German U-Boat facility there. The control points are stretched across the entire mole and the map offers naval combat alongside ground combat.


Alongside two new very fascinating maps which returns us to Europe, Turning Tides brings along brand new weapons like the American Browning M1917 which saw almost half a century of fighting with American soldiers stretching all the way to Vietnam and the Farquhar-Hill rifle which packs quite a punch and is an excellent all-round medic rifle.

Besides Gallipoli which I’m not sure why DICE even added to this expansion when the theme was Naval Warfare, this DLC is good but not as great as the previous two. It’s a great standout but I wish it was much better on the quality of the previous two expansions to this excellent game. The new expansion is out now for Premium and regular owners.

( Thanks to Supremex11 and BFBulletin for their screenshots.)

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