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Letters from the Front

Battlefield™ 1 (12)

( Played on Conquest Assault.)

Italy did not declare war against the Allies in August 1914, arguing that their alliance with the Triple Alliance was defensive in nature and therefore Italy did not obligate to take part in this war. However, Austria-Hungry omitted to tell Italy about the ultimatum being sent to Serbia. Austria-Hungry had a long-standing rivalry with Italy before and after the Napoleonic Wars, which gave them some Italian territory on the Peninsula and naturally, the Italians wanted it back arguing that it was their Alsace-Lorraine.

In the early stages of the First World War, Allied diplomats secretly tried to get Italy into the war and finally they entered the war through the Treaty of London where Italy renounced the commitment to the Triple Alliance and sided with the Allies. In May, Italy declared war on Austria-Hungry. By 1915, the war on the Italian Front wasn’t like the war being waged in the West, the East, and in Arabia. It was mountainous with very little trench warfare although this came to an end at the Battles for the Isonzo River. The Italians wanted to cross the Isonzo River, capture the fortress town of Gorizia, and then enter the Plateau and these battles came to a stalemate and by winter, the battles had ended.

Two years later, war returned to the Isonzo River with the Italians having success but this offensive did not achieve any strategic importance but managed to capture Gorizia, which boosted the morale of the Italian troops. Germany entered the Italian Front after the Kerensky Offensive on the Eastern Front failed, German troops introduced some of their successful tactics to the Austrians such as infiltration and the usage of Shock troops which saw success in France and Belgium. The Austrians and Germans launched the Battle of Caporetto following a gas barrage, Shock Troop tactics, and infiltration tactics which bypassed Italian strong points and attacked their rear. By the end of the first day, the battle was a disaster for the Italians as they retreated 12 miles back to the Tagliamento River.

After the end of the Battle of Caporetto, the term would gain a particular resonance in Italy and was used to denote a terrible defeat. Caporetto would be the worst defeat in the history of the Italian armed forces and also in the history of the country, this particular battle launched a series of military investigations in 1919 to find out who was responsible for this terrible defeat. As a result of these investigations, Italy would accept a more cautious approach to military strategy to prevent another Caporetto.

Battlefield™ 1 (10)

Caporetto is a very beautiful map with a forest fire in the background, it’s set on a hilltop with a ruined Italian castle and a destroyed bridge in the middle of the map. The river valley gives a natural advantage to those on higher ground, while the castle provides a good refuge from all the action and it’s good to hold onto.

Caporetto is mostly a infantry-focused map with the help of armored cars to turn the tide of war, the uphill fight adds dimension to the battle as the enemy can launch Liven Gas Projectors at the opposing team. Caporetto is playable on Conquest Assault, the game mode which I hate so much because it never tends to work and especially here in Battlefield 1 where there’s no teamwork involved and from my own point of view, all of these maps except for Passchendale should be converted into Conquest or Frontlines, the new game mode from They Shall Not Pass. Conquest Assault is just a complete mess here in Battlefield 1, the mode doesn’t work at all in the game and to have a mode where most players don’t like it is kind of puzzling to me. It just doesn’t work here and on the Somme map, and there is no need to include it.

I believe Caporetto and the Somme would work better with the regular Conquest setup but it is unlikely that DICE will go back to this map and the Somme and change it back, it just irks me on why DICE didn’t listen to the community about this particular issue. Anyways, I’m kind of bummed out with this DLC. Stay tuned for my review and come back tomorrow for my hands on with Air Assault, the new gamemode that came with this expansion.


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