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Letters from the Front


I usually don’t get political here. I like to keep my political thoughts to myself, especially now in this day and age. I believe in the Second Amendment, I believe it’s your right to own guns and I agree that there needs to be stricter ways to own one. I don’t believe that regular American citizens should be able to buy an Assault Rifle? What are you going to do with one? Anyways, it’s your right to hold guns and keep protected if you want to of course, it’s all up to you and this recent discussion about gun violence led to videogames once again and I can’t believe that the media and politicians are once again blaming videogames for violence which have never been the cause. All of this is giving me flashbacks to Jack Thompson and the GTA III outbreak.

I grew up in a conservative political household and I’m well-versed into the thought process of the media and politicians putting blame into videogames. I remember Jack Thompson and I remember the Rockstar Games controversies that was up and center during most of my life in the ‘2000s, my parents were legitimately afraid of me playing games like GTA III and Bully but I turned out to be okay, I turned out to be fine because I know it’s just a videogame and it isn’t real life.

This discussion really isn’t up for debate, this discussion has been dead now for a good 6 years. In 2011, the Supreme Court gave videogames the same protection as any work of literature or film. This occurred after a number of states attempted to legislate games and the laws struck down everytime. The act of blaming videogames as long been a thing since DOOM came out in 1993 and guess what? Each time this idea comes up again, the first amendment always wins.


Threatening to legislate and trying to ban games like PUBG or the next iteration of the DOOM reboot was always about pretending that a symptom was some sort of disease and the breaking point was a game like Call of Duty or GTA. It’s strange to see people trying to legislate videogames and that they should be in charge of the games we play. Videogames do not cause violence, videogames do not cause a school shooting, videogames do not make a teenager go buy an Assault Rifle to kill his friends and peers. Videogames do not cause this at all, videogames are harmless.

The thing that irks me the most is that making the issue of a school shooting about videogames is so stupid that it makes my brain hurt and it’s tiresome because everytime we see this, this topic has once again risen to the forefront. The media blaming videogames is as tiresome as it was back in the early 2000’s, those bones have been buried in the ground in 2011 with the Supreme Court Ruling.

It’s time to take a look at the other cause now and stop blaming videogames for violence or for a school shooting, videogames have never been the cause for this. Stop trying to beat a dead horse when it’s already dead. I really can’t believe that I’m seeing this unfold before my eyes once again.

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