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Letters from the Front


Hi all,

I hope this Fireside Chat finds you all well and happy as we enter spring and the hot summer months. I like summer only because of one thing and that’s E3. E3 is our Super Bowl here in the videogame industry, I always look forward to it and I always get excited around this time of year as announcements are usually around the corner.

I usually reserve writing about E3 until April and May since I usually think it’s too soon to actually talk about it but last year at E3 was very different for me, as you may know I went to E3 last year and covered some of the biggest games like Wolfenstein II and Call of Duty: WW2. The reason why I’m writing about E3 so soon is because this year, I’m doing it again. I’m headed to EA Play and E3 2018 to bring you hands on with alot of this year’s most exciting games as the year progresses.

At EA Play and E3 2018, I will hopefully cover the year’s biggest games and I know for certain that I will be covering the new Battlefield game that is set to release this year and will get hands on time with it. Can’t wait to write that one up considering Battlefield 1 is ending and it was a pretty solid game, anyways expect to see some predictions and some other things that will be surprising.  Hopefully, I’ll also get hands on with the new Tomb Raider and other big games at the trade show.

Onto other business, remember that new business I told you about back in January? It is coming along greatly and hopefully I will get it out before the time I go to E3. I hope you like it and enjoy it, I really enjoyed working on this little project; going through archives and bringing to light the beginnings of this. Right now, I’m sorting through some things and will hopefully bring it out around May. It’s related to videogames, and historical in nature. I can’t wait to share more.

It’s going to be an exciting summer.






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