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Letters from the Front


World War II was the largest and most deadliest war that the world had ever seen; it directly involved more than 100 million soldiers from 30 different countries including the United States as they entered the war in December 1941. It was on a scale so large that it surpassed the Great War only 21 years prior. By the end of the war in 1945, World War II changed the world forever with the introduction of the Atomic Bomb and set the stage for the Cold War, which would last for the next 46 years.

According to numerous sources, the next Battlefield is reportedly set within the confines of World War II. Not only would this make alot of sense as it would follow in the footsteps of 2016’s Battlefield 1 but also would make sense in a logical way because DICE often likes to reuse assets and there hasn’t been a proper Battlefield game set within World War II for almost 16 years since the launch of the franchise. This supposed leak popped up three days ago but anyways, it would make alot of sense. I personally believe that Battlefield has always worked best within the 20th century and within the confines of a war like World War II or Vietnam.

EA has confirmed that the next Battlefield game is set to launch this October, and it will be playable at EA Play this June. If it is indeed World War II, I will be a very happy man as seeing that would be my personal dream and hope as a Battlefield being set within World War II has the potential to show certain battles that other games don’t often cover like the recent Call of Duty which just showed the American side of World War II once again for the millionth time.

In the wake of this news, Battlefield 1 has recieved it’s final expansion titled “Apocalypse.” which I will do a review on very soon so stay tuned for that and also stay tuned for my first hands on with Battlefield 2018 at this year’s EA Play.

( Credit for screenshots: Supremex11.)

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