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Letters from the Front


Similar to Call of Duty last year, Battlefield is returning to World War II this year. The genre is becoming resurgent once again thanks to Battalion 1944 and Battlefield 2018’s predecessor Battlefield 1 which took it back to the First World War and became a huge success. The rumor mills and several leaks is currently pointing to World War II for this particular installment in the Battlefield franchise and I believe it, I firmly believe this because it makes too much sense to not have a followup to Battlefield 1 that takes place in the confines of World War II but still there’s a chance that it may take place in a different era like Korea or Vietnam. Imagine a game set within the Korean War, I will be all over that but very unlikely.

The leaks about this year’s Battlefield being set within World War II could be very real and I alongside many other people would welcome it because it’s been nearly 16 years since the launch of Battlefield 1942 and almost a decade since Battlefield 1943 which was a downloadable MP game for Xbox Live and Playstation Network in 2009, I didn’t like it much. I believe the leaks pointing to this year’s Battlefield being set within World War II could be on point and here’s a few reasons why I think that is:

Battlefield returning to World War II is a no-brainer, really. Battlefield 1 was an enormous hit, and keeping the franchise back in the past for a few installments is continuing with the idea of drawing from the well and drinking it’s water and judging from Battlefield 1, this might produce the same results as last time nearly a year and a half ago.

Call of Duty: WWII was a mediocre game of sorts, it just didn’t do it for me and for many other people. It didn’t show any sort of historical accuracy and it didn’t show the horrors of World War II and just fell into cliche after cliche, and almost a complete beat by beat of things I have seen almost a decade before, it felt like I was playing a very bad version of Medal of Honor and a mediocre version of Band of Brothers. The multiplayer wasn’t very good either, it just felt the same however War Mode was pretty good but even that felt like a copy and paste from Operations from Battlefield 1. Call of Duty: WWII, at least for me, just signaled what I always thought to be true which was Call of Duty isn’t doing it anymore. I erased that game from my memory so it could benefit EA DICE to return to the setting and do it justice where Call of Duty failed.

However with that being said, Call of Duty: WW2 was the highest selling game of 2017 but it doesn’t mean that it was any good. Like I said above, Call of Duty isn’t doing it anymore and this is the chance to make a proper World War II game involving different nationalities and showing unknown battles that videogames have never done before like Cherbourg and the Battle for Tarawa Atoll. Returning Battlefield to World War II would also make alot of sense given that DICE likes to reuse assets from previous games to save money, why build something new when you have something already there that works? Battlefield 4 was very similar to Battlefield 3 and this could very well be the same along the lines of those two games, similar but different in alot of ways. World War I and World War II were very similar wars with most of the same weapons being used like the BAR and Browning M1917 so it would make sense to reuse those assets to save a bit of cash.


As for what I see from the supposed leak of Battlefield V? It’s completely fake as I ran it through photoshop and it was photoshop heavy and Battlefield V was the internal name for 2016’s Battlefield 1 so I really doubt DICE would use that name again unless it was for Vietnam or the sequel to 2013’s Battlefield 4, I don’t see many other outlets rushing to confirm this.

If the WWII setting is real and I think it is, then that would mean a return to the franchise’s roots in over 16 years and what no better way to return to WWII in a time where that specific genre is coming back in some sort of way and do it in a proper way that not only shows the American side of the war but also the entire Allied perspective: From the beaches of Normandy to the ruins of Stalingrad, Battlefield can really knock it out of the park here with the Frostbite Engine and top notch audio design that brings World War II to life. But there is still a slight chance that DICE wants to hit us with an unknown war like Korea or return to Vietnam since World War I was so left field.

Once again, all of this is a rumor from the rumor mill and also the rumor mill says that Bad Company 3 is coming in 2019 with a focus on a fictional escalation of the Cold War and the very real Vietnam War. I believe this rumor as the Vietnam expansion to Bad Company 2 was so successful that I don’t doubt EA DICE wants to make a full-fledged game surrounding a fictional Cold War and the Vietnam War in a vein very similar to 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.

World War II is the safe bet here and I believe that they want to return to the World War setting as World War I was so successful and was a standout from the rest of the games that released in 2016, I don’t doubt that they want to return to the well and see the same success as Battlefield 1 did. I’d be amazed if it was something else like Korea or a return to Vietnam. We should know what the next game is very soon.

( Thanks to Supremex11 for his screenshots. All credit goes to him.)







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