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Letters from the Front


There’s a new Battlefield on the way. EA confirmed it’s existence a while back and also announced that it would be playable at EA Play this June. Recent rumors and leaks have pointed to this year’s installment being set within The Second World War which would make alot of sense seeing as it would not only be as successful but it would make sense logically as it would be a natural step from Battlefield 1 and history, going in order from World War I to World War II.

Around this time of year if there’s a Battlefield game on the way, there happens to be alot of fake leaks and speculation on where the franchise should go and I decided to hop onto that train and speculate on where the franchise will head in 2018. Here are some of my predictions.

5. Present



I really don’t see this happening as there has been roughly about 6 games set in the present day. Battlefield: Hardline was the last one to take place in the present and that game wasn’t so hot. For me, the modern day is completely overplayed in first person shooters and it annoys me because it’s just so overplayed and oversaturated so I don’t think DICE will head back to the present anytime soon.

4. Futuristic


The last time Battlefield has gone to the future was in 2006 with Battlefield 2142 which took place in the far future where an ice age has engulfed the Earth. The last expansion to Battlefield 4 titled “Final Stand.” , hinted that the next game would take place shortly thereafter or a few years later where Titans and Mechs would be the future of warfare. I see this happening but not in the near future as seeing as the current trend is headed back to the historical era and gamers are fed up with futuristic and modern day military shooters, maybe one day we’ll get that sequel to 2142.

3. Vietnam


Vietnam has been a setting that I’ve longed to return too since Battlefield: Vietnam in 2004, the franchise returned to the setting in 2010’s Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion but it wasn’t a full-fledged game. I would like to return to the setting on current-generation hardware and fly those Hueys while listening to CCR.

Oh,yeah. I can smell the Napalm from here.

2. Korea


Korea has never been done before in any videogame and for good reason. The United States and NATO lost that war and nobody has remembered it since hence it’s called The Forgotten War here in the United States. I would like to see a game do Korea and do it right, I think Battlefield would do it correctly and would show everyone how to make a proper military shooter set within Korea.

World War I was a left turn that nobody saw coming and it paid off in the end. World War I was not only successful but also brought World War I to life for many people including myself, I didn’t know anything about World War I and it managed to surprise me; DICE could do the same here. Korea is untapped in any medium outside of documentaries so to have the first videogame ever to take place within Korea would not only be mindblowing but amazing as well. You have technology from both World War II and future technology that we would later see in Vietnam. Please do it, DICE.

1. World War II


World War II is my dream setting for Battlefield. Unlike Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefield has the potential to cover different battles from the war and do it in a way that’s historically accurate and amazing. I would love to see Bastogne, Omah Beach, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal in high fidelity graphics meant for today’s gaming PC’s and consoles like the Xbox One X.

Not only would it make sense as a natural stepping stone from Battlefield 1 which released in 2016 but also it would make sense from a historical standpoint. The only problem is that World War II is kind of overplayed in the gaming space and Battlefield WW2 would kind of fall into that cliche-ness that Call of Duty: WWII fell into in 2017, I don’t want to see the same thing over and over again but something new from the war and I think Battlefield has the potential to show something new from this era.

I would like to see the untold battles being told in multiplayer like Cherbourg, Saipan, Corregidor, Luzon, Operation Market Garden and much more while mixed in with all the iconic battles of World War II that we know of already. There is so much potential within World War II that videogames can explore without the need to retell the same old story and without the need to look at films like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers for inspiration as the tell-all of WWII.

So, there you have it my top 5 settings that I would like to see Battlefield head to in this installment or in the upcoming installments. Stay tuned for my review of Battlefield 1’s last DLC and keep an eye for my hands on impressions of Battlefield 2018 at EA Play.

( Credit for screenshots: Berdu.)






2 comments on “Speculation: 5 Potential Settings for Battlefield 2018, Where Could The Franchise Go Next?

  1. Kevin says:

    Battlefield Mushroom Kingdom needs to happen!

    1. Physics says:

      Would definitely play that. On all three platforms and in Frostbite. Yes!

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