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Letters from the Front


The Division recently passed 20 million players and received a huge content drop in December, but Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment is already thinking ahead. The Division 2 was announced last week and it’s already known that some amount of progress will transfer from the original 2016 game, but we won’t know much about The Division 2 until E3.

The original game released in 2016, and the sequel is being developed by the same trio of developers and while the original received okay reviews, the newest update brought along some improvements and a 4K patch for the Xbox One X is in the works but I wouldn’t know any of these new improvements as I haven’t touched the game since early last year.

What’s on my wishlist for the sequel? That’s alot that I want to see in The Division 2, here is some suggestions if Ubisoft happens to come along and read this:

5. More World-Building and Lore.


New York City was astonishing in the original game. It was full of small little details like a Christmas song here or there, it reminded you of Christmas and there was alot of interesting lore to the game which I hope is expanded upon in The Division 2. I really hope the sequel takes place in New Jersey or Brooklyn or even Queens, I want to see more of this fascinating lore. In the beginning of the game when you arrive at the Hudson camp, it doesn’t really change after spending hours outside the camp and I would like to see the sequel show progress in the world. You’re never given a sense of how your actions throughout the game has an effect on the world at large outside of the BOP.

4. A More Complete Focus on Story


By the time the Division begins, it begins hours after the dollar flu outbreak and has ravaged across New York. The interesting stuff has already happened, and you were left with picking up the pieces and discovering what occurred in those first few hours. I think it would be a bit more impactful to get to know what’s going on around the world, and have a bit more focus on a story that doesn’t fall into cliche. The Division was very Tom Clancy esque and I would like to see that continue but with a larger focus on the story at hand.

3. Decrease TTK!!


A major problem with the original game is that the enemies were complete bullet sponges and it took forever just to kill them. It didn’t feel quick enough, it just felt like I was hitting someone with an armored vest on and that’s not fun when it comes to videogames, it felt like you had to have a sense of disbelief when the game had the tendency to pull you in and immerse you in it’s world only to be pulled out when you came across an enemy and had to dump your whole clip into the dude just for him to go down. It was an annoyance so I hope they address this. Also, address Grenade Spam.

2. Better-looking Graphics.


I know graphics don’t go a long way when gameplay is king but it helps if your game is a looker. Games like Battlefield 1 are lookers and the gameplay still is king, when the Division was originally announced; the game looked great. Fast forward to 2016, the game didn’t look as great as when it was announced. It honestly looked like a PS2 game in 2016, it kinda felt misleading to a point so I hope they up the graphical fidelity of the Snowdrop Engine to mimic what was seen in the original reveal.

1. Build off from The Division


We know some things will carry over to The Division 2, but I hope Massive Entertainment learns from the original game. Make endgame content a bit more better so it doesn’t feel tedious or boring, make the game less tedious in general, and make the sequel less of a grind-fest then the original was. Please, make it more tactical like Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell is. Just improve the game in general and build off from the ideas that the original game set forth.

What do you want to see improved in the sequel? Please sound off in the comments.




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