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Letters from the Front


Last week, a website by the name of Rectify Gaming put out an article that leaked the third party marketing deals for Xbox and that would be shown at E3. If this is true ( which I think it is.) , it’s a pretty good darn list of games. Games like Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2018, Madden, Anthem, Borderlands 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and The Division 2 is allegedly to be marketed with Xbox. ZhugeEx also alluded to the idea that the list may not be complete and one thing could be inaccurate, this is indeed awesome news.

Instead of doing the typical News article that you’ve been seeing recently with the “Report” , I will do something different and split each game up in a list. I believe the list is right to a degree as every one of these games has appeared on the Xbox stage and has been marketed with Xbox including Splinter Cell which is synomous with the platform. Let’s get started!

Battlefield 2018


Battlefield 2018 is rumored to be marketed with Xbox again this year and I believe it because Xbox has had the marketing rights for Battlefield since at least Battlefield 4 and EA has always had a comfortable relationship with Microsoft and since EA Access appeared on Xbox back in 2014, that relationship has strengthed over the years. To be honest, when I think of Battlefield, I think of Xbox and PC and when I think of EA, I think of Xbox.

Rumors have it that Black Ops 4 will once be marketed with Playstation and that Sony upped their marketing deal with Activision after WWII released and it would make perfect sense to have the rival to Call of Duty being marketed with the opposition, that being Microsoft. I think Phil Spencer should be aggressive and take a page from Sony when it comes to this, on Playstation 4, Call of Duty expansions and the game can be played 30 days early so Microsoft can do the same with Battlefield 2018. It would be a nice move and have that counter to Sony and Black Ops 4 assuming Black Ops 4 is once again marketed with Sony.

Madden NFL 2019


The Madden games have always been synonymous with Xbox so I don’t expect this to change for Madden NFL 19. Xbox has always been the home for NFL related things going back to the halfway point of last generation so I don’t expect this to change.

It’s once again that very tight relationship that EA has with Microsoft, especially with the arrival of EA Access back in 2014. That relationship has tightened and EA wants to get every game they put out on EA Access, most likely games like Madden NFL 19 and Battlefield 2018 will be placed in EA Access.



Anthem being marketed with Microsoft is a no brainer, really. Anthem was shown off at Microsoft’s stage last E3 and Anthem has been described as a game built for the Xbox One X so it’s a no brainer that Anthem would be marketed with Microsoft. Much like EA, BioWare has had a cozy relationship with Xbox going back to the Original Xbox days where Jade Empire was a console exclusive for the Xbox and the original Mass Effect trilogy was marketed with Xbox for the duration of the 360 generation. BioWare is synonymous with Xbox.

Much like the previous two games above, Anthem will most likely be on EA Access because of once again, that very tight relationship that EA has with Microsoft. Basically all EA games outside of FIFA has been marketed with Xbox so it’s really a no brainer.

Borderlands 3


Much like EA, Gearbox has always had a cozy relationship with Microsoft. The Brothers in Arms games and Borderlands 1 and 2 were marketed with Xbox and much like the EA games, Borderlands is synonymous with Xbox so I don’t expect that to change with the unveiling of Borderlands 3 assuming that it’s revealed at E3 2018.

It’s a no brainer that Gearbox would once again pair up with Xbox in terms of marketing deals with Xbox when it comes to Borderlands. I assume that they’ll also take the same route for Brothers in Arms 4 whenever that is revealed.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


This is where I begin to doubt as ZhugeEx basically said that the list was 99% accurate but a couple of things were inaccurate or missing and this is where I think the list is inaccurate. Rise of the Tomb Raider was marketed with Xbox and was a timed exclusive where it limited the sales of the Rise of the Tomb Raider as the game didn’t reach the largest platform which is the Playstation 4. I don’t think for a second that Tomb Raider 3 will be marketed with Xbox again and for good reason.

Reason why I believe this is because of what occurred with Rise of the Tomb Raider. I think Tomb Raider 3 will have no marketing deal at all with either Microsoft or Sony and Square Enix will just release the game as is on all platforms with no marketing allegiance to either side.

The Division 2


I see this happening. Much like Gearbox and EA, Ubisoft has had a pretty good relationship with Microsoft going back to the original Xbox when the original Splinter Cell appeared on Xbox and ever since then Ubisoft games including Splinter Cell has had marketing deals with Xbox. The original Division that launched in 2016 had marketing rights with Xbox so I wouldn’t expect that to change with the sequel.

Ubisoft has always had a long standing relationship with Microsoft so The Division 2 being marketed with Xbox is a no brainer. I could’ve really predicted this.

Splinter Cell


1 100% see this happening. Much like Ubisoft’s other games, Splinter Cell for majority if not all of the time as been marketed with Xbox since Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow, even Blacklist was an Xbox exclusive during the 360 generation. Splinter Cell is almost synonymous with the Xbox brand and to have it marketed with Xbox is something I see that will not change.

However, on the prospect of Splinter Cell coming back I’m doubting this. It’s been five years since Blacklist was released and in that time, a new generation of hardware has arrived and we’re already at the halfway to the end of this generation and we still haven’t seen a Splinter Cell for this generation. I think Ubisoft has forgotten about it, I hope this isn’t the case as I’m one of the biggest Splinter Cell fans but Ubisoft probably has forgotten about it. However, there was a leak back in February or March on Amazon about a Splinter Cell game being released this year and it was titled “Splinter Cell_2018.” , I think this isn’t a new game but a remaster because of the year being at the end of the game’s title. Shadow of the Colossus Remaster was outed late last year as “Shadow of the Colossus_2018.” and it turned out to be a remaster so I think Splinter Cell_2018 will be a remaster of the first game or Chaos Theory.

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 has been outed as being marketed with Xbox, I kind of see this happening but not really. I see Cyberpunk 2077 being marketed with Playstation even though CDPR has always had a okay relationship with Microsoft but I definitely see Cyberpunk being marketed with Playstation, not sure why maybe because I see Cyberpunk being more of a Playstation game then a Xbox game but if Cyberpunk 2077 is indeed being marketed with Xbox, it is a huge get for Microsoft.

There’s also rumors surrounding that we’ll get a first look at Cyberpunk 2077 at this year’s E3 at Microsoft’s conference and if that’s true, that will be a huge for Xbox on top of the game being marketed with Microsoft. Cyberpunk is one of my anticipated games and get a first look at the game since the teaser trailer almost 5 years ago will be most certainly exciting.

If all this proves true then Microsoft’s E3 press conference will most certainly be one to watch and much better then last year’s. I sure hope that we will see some old exclusives and some new franchises that Microsoft can bring, like I said Xbox One X is a success but it needs software to justify it. We’re getting closer to E3 2018, it’s going to be an exciting time to be a gamer.






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