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Letters from the Front


Sea of Thieves is becoming a huge success for Microsoft and Xbox itself, both in sales and Xbox Game Pass uptake. Critical reception has been mixed ( I find the game to be polarizing at best.) , millions of gamers both on PC and Xbox are taking to the seas and seem to be having a great time. Myself included with friends.

Sea of Thieves was the number one game on Twitch at launch, but it has dropped since then however the fact still remains that Microsoft has a huge opportunity with Sea of Thieves and it is in their best interest to not squander that opportunity.

Sea of Thieves is similar to Minecraft or games of that nature where it is a blank slate and it is up to you to do whatever you want with that blank slate, it is designed to create experiences with your friends or by yourself. Minecraft has a similar approach but the difference is that Sea of Thieves is literally a blank slate, it is a bare bones experience and unless you’re the type of gamer willing to fill in that blank slate with your friends or with randoms then you won’t like what Sea of Thieves ultimately offers which in itself is very little. However, Sea of Thieves can evolve to appeal to more people like offering a narrative and different things to do.

Sea of Thieves is something that is meant for streams, designed to be a game meant to be streamed and designed to be fun to watch as it is to play, and if Xbox plays their cards right this could prove to be success for them. Games now are multiplayer-heavy and those type of games usually dominate streaming services like Twitch or Mixer; take a look at PUBG or Fortnite. Fortnite’s success besides being free is how many updates the game is getting alongside new cosmetic items like weapons and gear. Epic Games is adding more content and adding more reasons to play the game, I wonder if Rare will also take a similar approach with Sea of Thieves with adding content not just expansions but new cosmetic items.

Sea of Thieves doesn’t need to follow the model that Massive Entertainment and Bungie did with both The Division and the both Destiny games; however they can develop expansions that adds new things to the base game like a whole new world and a possible narrative and in theory, Rare can take a page out of Epic Games and Fortnite with adding new items like cosmetic outfits and new weapons alongside new enemies. Sea of Thieves can take a similar route to that of Overwatch and Fortnite with free updates but I am unsure as this will happen because it’s Microsoft, we’re talking about here.


Xbox already has been quite vocal when it comes to Sea of Thieves and it’s future. But, what will be critical is how much of Xbox is actually committed to Sea of Thieves and I believe that the game will fall flat if Xbox isn’t committed to it and if players move on to other games if there isn’t enough content or things to do. Sea of Thieves has captured alot of attention for Microsoft in a long, long, long time outside of their mainstay franchises that Microsoft often relies on, Sea of Thieves is fresh and holds alot of potential and if Microsoft doesn’t commit to it then that is a major problem.

I hope Microsoft is taking this seriously as Sea of Thieves holds alot of potential and has the possibility of becoming a mainstay franchise like Gears, Halo, and Forza. They ought to commit to it and bring content that is not only full of quality but also meaningful and adds to the experience that is Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves offers something fresh for Microsoft and the possibilities of what they can do with Sea of Thieves is unlimited.

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