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Letters from the Front



Microsoft has been lacking behind Sony for years in terms of exclusives, ever since the beginning of the generation. The water began to seep in after the Xbox One reveal in 2013 but now that has changed. Since then, Microsoft has introduced some good things to the platform which swept the water away and Microsoft has reclaimed the power argument with the Xbox One X, which is touted as the most powerful console ever made ( Power of marketing, a-ha!) ; and Xbox Live continues to lead the way for gaming platform services. However, the water may have been swept but the stench is still there and where the stench lays in is in the games. Microsoft continues to struggle with the first party exclusives.

Sony has been crushing it with their first party exclusives, producing a vast amount of high-quality and photo-realistic games that launch to great acclaim like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, recently. On the other side of the fence, Microsoft focused on less flashy experiences like Cuphead, and Recore while focusing on multiplayer-only games like Sea of Thieves while still focusing on the legacy exclusives like Halo, Gears, and Forza.

Phil Spencer acknowledged the criticisms of the line-up, promising to provide the system and it’s userbase with a high-quality and great lineup that Xbox fans deserve.

We’re only 2 months out from E3 2018 where the whole gaming industry will have their eyes on Microsoft as they reveal what’s next and I hope to see some freshness there at E3. Yes, it will take a long time to get where they need to be but eventually they’ll get there to the point where Sony and Nintendo are right now.

Ever since 2014, Phil Spencer has been promoted to a senior leadership position where he is responsible for first party games. Now that the Xbox is out of Don Mattrick’s shadow, I hope we see what Phil has been working on for some years now at this year’s E3.

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