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Letters from the Front


Alongside the World War II setting, Battlefield 2018 is reportedly going to have Battle Royale which is reported to be in a prototype stage of development.

According to a source, the mode is going to feature similar playstyle and mechanics to PUBG and Fortnite and DICE Sweden is looking into how it could work with Battlefield 2018’s mechanics and if DICE Sweden finds it successful then the mode won’t be ready in time for it’s October release also according to the source, if EA finds it successful ( which they will, it’s EA we’re talking about.) then DICE will implant the mode as a free update or a separate mode like Battlefield: Incursions is or just make a separate game altogether, away from Battlefield 2018 and Battlefield: Bad Company 3, the other Battlefield game that will come after Battlefield 2018 which is rumored to be set within the Cold War.

Personally, I don’t see this as a major surprise as everyone going forward will try to hop onto the Battle Royale train before it dies off. Battle Royale is the biggest thing right now in gaming as Fornite is all the rage and it makes sense to have the biggest publishers like EA to hop onto the train and make as much money as possible. On the other hand, can BR work in Battlefield? Yes, it can and for numerous reasons: Battlefield was made for Battle Royale as it already has all the mechanics meant for the genre, large maps and a large playerbase alongside armored vehicles and aircraft even more to put the icing on the cake is that DICE can create a better experience and can set itself apart from the rest of the genre and on top of that, it would work within a WW2 setting. I’m surprised they haven’t attempted a shot at BR yet as Battlefield was solely made for the mode.

If they can differentiate themselves from the rest of the genre, then I’m all in as like I said, Battlefield was made for the genre has it already has most of the things that you see within the mode already present. I’m quite interested in how DICE would approach this genre with the franchise.

Stay tuned for more on Battlefield 2018, as I will get hands on with the game at E3 this year at EA Play where it will be playable and we’re getting closer to the reveal and announcement for this year’s installment and we’ll see if the leaks about it being set within World War II is real.

It also appears that Black Ops IV will also get Battle Royale this October as apparently it’s missing a “traditional” Single-Player campaign which is interesting for a Call of Duty game. Anyways, expect more Battle Royale games to come in the future.

( Thanks to Supremex11 for his screenshots.)



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