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Letters from the Front


Battle Royale is the newest thing right now in gaming. It first started with PUBG where it put the mode on the map and then came Fortnite where the genre exploded and it has eclipsed PUBG rendering it the secondary game. Now in 2018, it is expected that most of this year’s games will have Battle Royale even Black Ops IV and Red Dead Redemption 2 will have the mode according to recent leaks and rumors.

The latest game to have the Battle Royale mode is the newest Battlefield game or titled Battlefield 2018 , where the setting is reportedly set within World War II and is the answer to last year’s Call of Duty which was set within the same conflict. According to numerous sources, Battle Royale within Battlefield 2018 is at a prototype stage of development right now and they’re deciding if it all goes well then EA and DICE will implement the Battle Royale mode as a separate client or mode similar to Battlefield: Incursions, which is the competitive side of Battlefield which saw a release on consoles this past week and has been somewhat polarizing but nonetheless, I’ll go into detail why it could be a success for the franchise.

#1: Will it be successful for the Franchise as a whole?


I would say yes. It would be a success for the franchise as a whole because Battlefield already has the formula down of large-scale battles involving aircraft and armored vehicles like tanks and jeeps alongside the large 64 playerbase, but also it will be quite successful from a business standpoint. Battle Royale is the biggest thing right now, Fortnite is dominating everything and getting all the chatter and it does make sense that EA and DICE would try to hop onto the Battle Royale train with their own spin on it before this eventual mode dies off in the next couple of years. However, I am a bit skeptical on the quality of DICE’s Battle Royale mode; in order to have success then they would have to compete not only with Fortnite and PUBG but also Black Ops IV and Red Dead Redemption 2 if rumors are to believed so DICE would have to make a better BR game then all of them and that’s where it gets tricky.

I’m not concerned with DICE as they’re capable of creating fine games, just take a look at the Battlefield franchise as a whole but I’m very concerned with EA and the community as a whole. DICE likes to listen to the community, they’re opposite of Activision and Call of Duty but however, they take forever on certain things like the DLC content like the situation for Battlefield 1 where you had six months without any new content or expansion and where Battlefield 1 switched over from being a traditional game to a game as a service title or they take a lifetime on adding fresh things to keep the playerbase interested; that’s a 180 turn from Epic Games where they are heavily involved with the community and turn out quick updates and churn out new content quickly to keep the playerbase interested. With Battlefield, EA has the attitude of “I have your money and don’t bother me.” while DICE has the attiude of “I’m listening to you but it’s going to take about 50 years.” so right now, I can guess that Battlefield: Battle Royale will have the support but it’s going to take a while as opposed to Fortnite.

#2: EA and the Greed Factor


EA however, that is where my main concern lies in. EA is very much like Activision where they’re greedy and is out to appease their Wall Street friends. No matter what they say about the players and how they’re for the players, we all know the truth and that is EA is very much greedy and is out for their own gain. EA as of recently as been screwing up on a matter of numerous different things like Star Wars: Battlefront II and Mass Effect: Andromeda where they rushed it out when it was clear to see that Andromeda was nowhere near polished or “complete.” ; imagine if EA does the same thing here with Battlefront II where they deliberately force you to buy Lootcrates to progress through the game or take a page from Battlefield 1 where you buy a Lootcrate but you don’t get what you want and have to reroll that chance again for that cosmetic weapon as opposed to Fortnite where you buy something and you get what you paid for. I guarantee you that people will be upset so it wouldn’t surprise me that Battlefield: BR will have battlepacks in the form of cosmetic items where you have to reroll to get what you want or they completely turn it into a P2W game similar to Call of Duty or Battlefront II.

EA isn’t like Activision where Activision will deliberately sabotage their own game to gain more money; EA is more like the good cop / bad cop where they will say something but then turn around and do something opposite of what they originally said, EA compared to Activision is the good company but still on the borderline of “Going all the way through to the dark side and never coming back.” type of mentality. If Battlefield: Battle Royale can set itself apart not only from PUBG and Fortnite but the rest of the games that are sure to have a BR mode this year like Black Ops IV and Red Dead Redemption 2 by making it solely a first person title then I really see it taking off because of the first person aspect and the scale that Battlefield usually has.

I feel like the only way to find success is with the scale that Battlefield has and the first person aspect of the games. Battlefield has that thing that makes you immersed in a war because of the large-scale battles; infantry, armored tanks, and aircraft all going side by side to meet the enemy and a Battle Royale mode can really pull that off with a 100 players and adding in a TDM or Squad based mode where it’s a 100 vs 100 on a large scale map set in a WW2 setting. Even if it’s just an okay Battle Royale game, people will still be drawn to it because of the large-scale nature of the Battlefield franchise as.

We’ll have to wait and see, I’m actually surprised that they came around to it this late when Battlefield already has all the pillars of a Battle Royale mode: Armored vehicles, aircraft, and infantry all coming together as one but we’ll wait and see if it’s any good or if it will come. As of this moment, it’s at a prototype stage of development so it’s clear to see that it will take a long time for this to form or if it will come. Stay tuned for more on Battlefield 2018 at EA Play in 2 months.


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