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Letters from the Front


Makes sense now. Black Ops IV will not launch with a campaign and it could possibly be the biggest misstep in the Call of Duty franchise.

Like I said yesterday, it seems to make sense as Call of Duty is now primarily known for it’s multiplayer and have stopped being recognized for their Single-Player since at least Black Ops II in 2012. Multiple sources have confirmed that Black Ops IV won’t ship with a campaign and according to a recent leak, Black Ops IV seems to be a complete disaster of a game or it kind of sounds like it.

This could be some sort of test to see how the fanbase will react, and it makes alot of sense to cut the campaign. In recent years, the campaign for Call of Duty games really hasn’t captured what made the campaigns in Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Black Ops II so iconic and so excellent and cutting it in favor for the multiplayer makes alot of sense as I said, Call of Duty has recently been known for it’s multiplayer and not it’s campaigns.

Multiplayer is where everyone spends their time in and that’s where most of Activision’s revenue comes from in the form of Supply Drops, the DLC’s that launch with the season pass, and much more. DLC is the biggest thing for Call of Duty and alongside that comes the Supply Drops and CoD points that are used to buy those Supply Drops, they have become much more involved since Supply Drops were introduced in Advanced Warfare, the Call of Duty game for 2014 and they reached the ceiling with last year’s game, WWII.

Compared to the multiplayer, SP isn’t the biggest money maker and usually people who pick up Call of Duty don’t often play the SP and hop right into the multiplayer but nevertheless, it is a part of Call of Duty and it is one of the reasons why it makes Call of Duty a Call of Duty game. The campaign has been part of the franchise since it began in 2003, over 16 years ago, it’s part of the fabric of Call of Duty ever since and removing it is kind of off-putting even though it does make sense in the grand scheme of things.


The franchise ever since 2003 has been built on three pillars: Campaign, Multiplayer, and a co-op mode which began in 2008 with the launch of World at War and ever since then Zombies has been the primary co-op mode outside of the Modern Warfare trilogy. It is one of the reasons why it makes a great value for those that want to pick it up, even with the Season Pass attached, it is one of the reasons why the franchise has succeeded since it blew up with Call of Duty 4 back in 2007.

If the campaign is great, then most likely you’ll remember it and it will go down as one of your favorite campaigns in the franchise. My favorite campaigns within the franchise has always been the first two Modern Warfare games and the first two Black Ops titles because the writing and the storytelling was superb and kept you interested with interesting characters and somewhat of an intriguing storyline like a Russian invasion of the United States or a storyline involving MKUltra, brainwashing, all of the weird things that occurred during the late stages of the Cold War. A game like Modern Warfare 2 had a great singleplayer campaign and had a fantastic robust multiplayer mode alongside the co-op mode that was blast to play.

On top of that, the campaign is always the first to be shown with the Multiplayer and Zombies being shown so much later. It’s one of the keys to the kingdom and how Activision tends to market the game for that specific year, Activision always shows the big Michael Bay setpieces and those cinematic moments first so you can see what the game is about and expect from the game.

It makes sense to cut the campaign from Call of Duty has you have most of the fanbase just hop into the Multiplayer on the first day or Zombies on the first day, but there are those who only buy Call of Duty for the campaign, beat it, and sell it the next day as they’re not interested in the multiplayer. Also like I said, there are those that also buy Call of Duty for the Zombies and that’s it: when you add them all up as a package then it makes alot of sense. With a Call of Duty game, there is something there for everyone and it is why it is so attractable to the masses because it ticks off something on their box: If you want a short campaign, if you want to play Zombies with your pals, or simply just hop onto the multiplayer it’s all there in one big package. It is the reason why it is the highest-selling game of each and every year.

Adding in a BR mode makes so much sense that it’s not even remotely funny. It makes Black Ops IV so much more attractable to those who only play games like PUBG or Fortnite, BR is the new trend right now and it makes sense that Treyarch and Activision adds it in to attract more gamers then on top of the usual gamers who go out and buy Call of Duty each and every year. Taking out the campaign seems like a misstep because you have people who only play Call of Duty for the campaign and call it a day; without it, then you’re missing out on those gamers who play it for the campaign and possible sales. You have one faction who only plays Call of Duty for the SP and you have another faction who plays it for Zombies and MP, the latter is the most vocal and is the most active.


If there is no campaign in Black Ops IV like the leaks have pointed too, there will be a huge backlash and this will most likely be Activision’s Star Wars: Battlefront II moment. With 2016’s Infinite Warfare, there was a huge outcry from the large portion of the population as Activision went back again to the future with jet-packs and with WWII, a large portion of the population was okay with it as it returned to BOTG gameplay and a return to a historical setting but it didn’t seem right as the game seemed to be too “Politically-Correct.” with no swastikas being seen and a heavy emphasis on inclusion when Sledgehammer touted that the whole game would be historically-accurate to a tee when in fact, it was just a big selling point. It didn’t really matter much though as the majority of the playerbase seemed okay with it.

This seems to me like it’s a return to the future involving some kind of jetpack gameplay as the leaks pointed to that the game will have some kind of advanced movement but anyways, if it is indeed a return to the future then I suspect people won’t be too happy and Battlefield will once again have the upper hand this year, especially if the setting is a return to World War II and we’ll see the almost same exact situation that played out two years ago.







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