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Letters from the Front


People usually say that EA is the worst company in the world  or so that’s how it usually starts, and that statement isn’t wrong to an extent. You need to look at anything gaming to see this pop up or if you discuss anything about EA, then you’ll hear it. EA likes money, just like Activision, but their worst habit, unlike Activision where they will deliberately sabotage their own game, is that EA likes to squeeze the life out of a studio and destroys franchises like Medal of Honor or Dead Space and then runs the studio into the ground. As of late EA is known for their shady MTX practices seen evidently in Battlefront II.

Last week, Patrick Söderlund recently did a interview with the Verge and he stated that EA needs to do “better.” But we have been here with EA before in the past, and guess what? They never learn. They constantly need to get their ears pulled before they learn from their mistakes. Why should we believe you, EA?

EA has had the honor of being named “the worst company in America.” for two times in a row earlier in the decade, EA has had a history of pissing people off in numerous ways and most of the time it stays within gaming news outside of last year with the Battlefront II outcry, EA even managed to piss off governments last year. However, it seems that people’s perception of EA matters to them alot.

It seems the perception that others have on them seems to matter alot to them and for good reason. EA continues to do things that they promised to “be better on” from predatory P2W aspects like it’s mobile games to bringing down their most talented studios to even ruining their sports games like NCAA Football, one of my favorite sports games and that franchise doesn’t exist anymore. The saddest thing about EA to me is that how they continue to short-term their games in order to gain more money, just take a look at Battlefront II and Mass Effect: Andromeda where EA rushed the game out to meet their investor earnings. It’s not fair to those talented developers that the very thing that they put their heart and soul into is rushed out or ruined just to meet the company’s investor earnings, it’s not fair at all.

BioWare Montreal must’ve known that Andromeda wasn’t even remotely ready for primetime and nowhere near what the fans expected out of a Mass Effect title, DICE SWEDEN must’ve known as well how the progression system was going to fair or the problem with the lootboxes way before the November release. I’m kind of okay that EA apologized for it’s recent mistakes when Patrick Söderlund was interviewed by the Verge and apologized but I’m really really can’t take it seriously because EA likes to say something and then turn around and do the exact opposite.


I wish I could take EA’s apology at face value but I can’t. I don’t believe them at all because it’s EA we’re talking about here and everybody has been here  numerous times throughout this generation, they keep apologizing and turn around and do the exact opposite of what they apologized for. No matter what they say about the players and their games, they don’t care for the fans and they don’t care for their games. They killed Dead Space, they shelved Medal of Honor after the disaster of Warfighter but that franchise still has alot of potential and can make a comeback, they shelved NCAA after they pissed off NCAA players but people still want it because it offers something else then just Madden, they killed Mass Effect with Andromeda, lastly they’re using the Star Wars franchise for their own gain. They don’t care about their games when they should.

I can’t forgive EA because we’ve been here multiple times like in 2013 when they killed off Maxis and made the Sims 5 an online-only game and that game was a complete disaster. We’ve been here multiple times, you know the saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” , that has happened to everyone and I think I’m at the last-straw with EA this time around.

Can companies change? Sure. Take a look at Ubisoft. Ubisoft changed their business practices and we’re now seeing what they have learned from, they changed Assassin’s Creed from a yearly franchise to a 2 year franchise. They stuck with games like Rainbow Six: Siege and For Honor , turning them into a Games as a Service titles. Ubisoft even stuck with The Division and turned that game around within 2 years. Ubisoft is turning into a company that players can like and trust without the need to question if their favorite franchises will never see the light of day again or if their favorite studios will get shuttered like EA did to Visceral Games or Maxis Studios. EA needs to really learn from this and make a complete 360 turn into the publisher that they used to be in the early 2000’s: A publisher that players trust and can like without the need to question everything that they do.

EA needs to do a complete 360 turnaround and become the publisher they used to be in the ‘2000s, stop apologizing and start working towards that place where people like me can view you in a positive light and not as this evil as fuck company where you’re only out here just for the money like Activision is.

I can’t take EA seriously or take their apology seriously, I wish I can but I can’t. They’re responsible for making some of my favorite games of all time like MOHAA and Mass Effect 2 , it feels like EA has made it to the point where I dislike them even more then I did in 2013 and it has gotten to the point where I just give up on EA. If EA pulls another Battlefront II with this year’s Battlefield, I think I’ll just blacklist them and never pick another game from them again. They really need to look at themselves deeply and turn around to a publisher where everyone likes them again.

( Thanks to Supremex11 for his SWBFII screenshots.)



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