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Letters from the Front


Four years have passed since Origins ended and Bayek arrives on the shores of the Sinai peninsula. He is there to ignite a revolution against the Romans who have a over-bearing presence in the region, the Hidden Ones have enlisted his expertise to overthrow the Romans. The Hidden Ones expansion expands on the best of Origins that renews your interest in this hidden and interesting world.

Bayek no longer is consumed with revenge or playing as a political ally to Cleopatra, this is the origin story of how the Assassin brotherhood began and it’s exciting to see Bayek take his skills and use them for a higher goal.

The main story of this expansion is quite alluring and interesting, the story is fairly quick with a runtime of about 2 to 3 hours to complete and it poses some hard challenges as it assumes that you’ve already reached the required rank of 39 to 40 to complete the expansion. That’s for good reason because the Romans at the peninsula are ruthless and their camps are filled with powerful enemies that can one hit you, there is a mission that has you infiltrate a fortress that is filled with high-level enemies with powerful weapons and good gear. They’re not shy to make things difficult for you, either.

The Hidden Ones difficulty level is insane but with that comes very generous offers from the game. It offers alot of loot and alot of XP. The Hidden Ones is nowhere near Origins level of progression, The Hidden Ones offer alot of good armor and Drachmas. There’s an increase in loot drop and money drop here in The Hidden Ones.


The greatest thing about The Hidden Ones is that I liked where it was going, although sometimes it feels like it hasn’t changed from the base game experience but that’s okay. If I had to compare this expansion to something, I would compare it to Hearts of Stone from The Witcher 3. It feels similar to the base game but not really, it’s a smaller piece of content to hold you over when the larger pieces of content comes over.

In many ways, AC: Origins feels like The Witcher 3 and this smaller expansion definitely feels like Hearts of Stone. That’s okay, if more games can be inspired by The Witcher 3 then it’s all good, at least for me. This expansion feels like a smaller step towards something larger and that’s okay.

The Hidden Ones feels like a smaller piece of the puzzle and a small step towards something big. The Hidden Ones get alot right and the new direction story-wise makes Bayek more human and more relatable then he already was in the base game. It was three hours well spent.

If you want more of AC: Origins then definitely try this expansion out.

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