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Letters from the Front


Earlier today, Rockstar Games put out their third trailer for Red Dead Redemption II which releases this October. Red Dead Redemption II has been a long time coming and each trailer sends shivers down my spine, this is no exception.

There’s alot to examine in this trailer as it gives us the background to the story and what the game is all about. So let’s delve right in.

Screenshot (10)

Look at how beautiful Red Dead Redemption II is. The trailer begins when the gang is about to rob a train, I wonder if it’s just a regular train or a military train as by 1899, the US Military had a large presence in the West because of the Indian Wars.

Screenshot (11)

Dutch is in the center of the screen while the rest of the gang is preparing to fire on the train. Look at how detailed his coat is.

Screenshot (12)

We can see now that it is a regular steamtrain and not a military one. You have Dutch and what looks to be like Bill Williamson as the man in the brown coat looks to have Bill’s signature hat.

Screenshot (13)

Gun engravings eluding to once more that we can customize our guns in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Screenshot (14)

Here we see Arthur and the mysterious woman once again. The trailer hints  that she is part of the gang and they have a shared history being outlaws but what more is there to their relationship? I wonder if the storyline will include some kind of romance between the two, their relationship is unusually strong to just be more than friends. 

Screenshot (15)

By the campfire. Look how detailed the sparks here, I’m starting to wonder if this is the RAGE engine from past games. It seems to be that Rockstar is using a new engine or maybe the RAGE 3 engine, the updated and better looking engine then past games. Time will tell.

Screenshot (16)

Is that Uncle sitting in the center of the group? I think it is. I wonder if John Marston will meet Uncle through Arthur. 

Screenshot (17)

Beautiful town. If Rockstar is indeed using the RAGE engine then damn, have they made some great improvements over the 5 years since they released GTA V. I wonder what town this is, it seems like the leaked map that leaked back in 2016 is real. 

Screenshot (18)

Entertainment of the era. I wonder if Red Dead Redemption II will have Grand Theft Auto-style entertainment areas where you can go too. Watch a show, see a comedian, or something like that.

Screenshot (20)

Dutch and Arthur. I wonder who are the other three.

Screenshot (21)

“You’ll never change. I know that.” , she says to someone off-screen. I wonder who she is and what role will this lady play in the story.

Screenshot (22)

The whole gang is here. Look at the person standing beside the big dude and look carefully. I wonder if that is John Marston as the man has his signature hat.

Screenshot (23)

I don’t like him already. I wonder if the fancy suit is the main villain of the game or is part of the Pinkerton Agency as the Pinkerton Agency was the largest private law enforcement agency at the turn of the century before the FBI was founded in 1908. If he is a part of the Pinkerton Agency, I wonder what role will the Pinkertons play in the story.

Screenshot (24)

John Marston or nah?

Screenshot (25)

Hitting the roads of America at the turn of the century. 

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