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Letters from the Front


Bethesda is the new kid on the block in some kind of way when it comes to E3, they’ve been doing it for some time now since 2015 but they’re still very much the newest member to join in the gang. Ever since 2015, they have delivered constantly on games and going deeper into showing what they have to show for the upcoming year however, Bethesda’s portfolio isn’t as large as the other players so each time they do an E3 press conference, each game gets its own reveal instead of quickly rushing out trailers like the other players.

They’ve been doing E3 pretty good since beginning in 2015 with the massive blowout of Fallout 4 and in my opinion, they do a better job at actually doing E3 then everybody else like EA or Microsoft, for example but Microsoft is in its own league. Granted, it’s very easy to bypass EA. I’ve always enjoyed their showcases. Bethesda’s conferences are nicely paced, definitely not boring, the atmosphere, good quality to their showcases and it’s nowhere near what EA tends to do which doesn’t feel like a conference.

However, Bethesda’s E3 conference last year was incredibly lacking and felt more like a Nintendo Direct than an actual conference. It still had the same amount of lavish qualities that they usually bring but it didn’t really amount to anything, there was nothing to get excited about outside of Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2, two awesome games that launched last year. By the end of the conference, it felt like a complete waste of time and felt like Bethesda didn’t really need to do one last year. I was wondering why they did it live to begin with.

Let’s hope they return to what they did in 2015 and 2016 with an excellent lineup of games for this year. It’s incredibly hard to figure out what they will be showing as they keep most of their games secret and close to the chest as evidenced by Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within, there’s not alot to examine or discuss as majority of their studios already released some of their games, not excluding Bethesda Game Studios as they haven’t put out a game since 2015. The fact that we will be entering their conference with a big ol’ question mark over our heads means two possible things will happen: One outcome is that this year’s conference will be like last year’s where it was very brief and lackluster or they have surprises up their sleeves. I think it’s the latter.

Despite many and many question marks that we will be entering with, I managed to examine some of their franchises and as I already done my predictions for Bethesda back in March, I won’t be doing that again but examine what we can possibly be receiving at this year’s E3. Unlike EA yesterday, Bethesda is a company that I actually like and will always support so I’m not pissed off at them. Let’s delve right in.



Fallout: Shelter, Bethesda’s first foray into mobile gaming proved to be a massive success back in 2015. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that perhaps we’ll see a sequel to Fallout: Shelter or another mobile game, I think that a successor to Fallout: Shelter or a brand new mobile game unrelated to Fallout being shown on stage is no surprise. First time it was a success so why not do it again? Games like Fallout: Shelter are easy to make and are easy money makers as you can do alot with them like add microtranscations or something more to make your money back from them.

As for the mainline franchise, I do not believe we’ll get another game like Fallout 4 for some time as Todd Howard already stated back in 2016 that games like Fallout or The Elder Scrolls are a while away so I don’t believe they’ll announce a new one, perhaps a spin-off in the vein of New Vegas? Which is possible but I doubt that as well as Obsidian is out of the game and their two brand new studios, BGS Austin and BGS: Montreal studios are most likely helping Todd Howard and his team to build Starfield. I would like to see a spin-off but at this stage, I do not think we’ll get that this time around.



Pete Hines confirmed in an interview that we won’t see Elder Scrolls and Fallout for a while, he also confirmed that Bethesda Game Studios is currently developing two new games that happen to be separate from those two franchises in which both of these games will be released before Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5. We might get something more exciting than those two and I think it will be Starfield.

I am not opposed to anything from those two franchises, I myself happen to be a big fan of Fallout as opposed to Elder Scrolls, I prefer the wastelands of an America inspired by the 1950s as opposed to the Elder Scrolls, but I think it’s time for something new from Bethesda that isn’t just Elder Scrolls and Fallout. It’s kind of stale and that’s where Starfield comes in.

As of this moment, nothing is known about Starfield and is being kept a massive secret until I assume is the right time to announce the game. The game constantly is being renewed not just for a console and PC game but also a mobile game and merchandise , we don’t even know if it’s a triple A exclusive game but it smells and sounds like it’s the next big game from Todd Howard and his crew. Perhaps, Starfield will bring fresh air to Bethesda’s outdated Open world model and hopefully bring alongside it a new engine.

Prey_TalosI_QC16 (1)

DLC’s for all Singleplayer games like Prey and The Evil Within 2.

Last year, Bethesda did alot to satisfy single-player gamers like myself with games like Prey, Wolfenstein II, and The Evil Within 2. These three games were all met with critical acclaim, ( I couldn’t stop talking about Wolfenstein II.) however, they didn’t sell as much as they should’ve. We’re in a time where single-player games are mostly on the decline, with games now entering “Games as a service.” where the developers constantly updates their games with new content, new experiences, and MTX. Why play a game by myself when I can go play with all of my friends on this X game? However, Bethesda is one of the studios that stand in the face of this changing landscape and continue to provide and will provide new Singleplayer experiences.

If it weren’t for the disappointing sales of these games then I would’ve been certain that DLC’s for Prey and The Evil Within 2 would be on their way and I’m certain that SP games aren’t slowly declining. Given the sales performance, I’m certain that DLC’s are not on the way and those games will be left without DLC to further expand the game which is saddening to an extent. I still believe that there will be DLC’s but at this point, I am not sure. I would like to do though as it would give me a reason to revisit Prey and The Evil Within 2.



In my opinion, the DOOM reboot is probably one of the greatest shooters to come out of this generation as we begin to slowly wind down. I fell in love with it as it was just a flashback to the earlier days of the genre where the FPS genre wasn’t as complicated as it is now. It was a simple game simply about the DOOM Marine killing everything in his way and sending the demons back to hell, by the end of DOOM it became one of my favorite games of this entire generation. Will there be a sequel? Yes, most certainly.

However, out of all that I wrote this is the least unlikely to even show up at Bethesda’s E3 conference. The only reason why I added it is because I’m craving for a sequel and would love to see the next iteration of the DOOM reboot being put in my hands. The fast and energetic gameplay from the DOOM reboot was refreshing and a big welcome change from the dreary, brown-ish, saturated military shooters and cover shooters in other games within the genre. I was pleased with DOOM and it was so insanely rewarding that I want another one quickly before this generation comes to a close. Two years have passed since the DOOM reboot released and I’m not sure if a sequel will ever come out this year but make no mistake, it is coming.

That does it. It concludes this part of the Road to E3 2018. We enter their press conference this June with alot of question marks, many of what Bethesda has done has been already released in the years leading up to this E3 conference while others are in complete secrecy like Starfield. This E3 conference will most certainly be the one to watch.

The next iteration of The Road to E3 will be in two weeks with the final installment for this year: Microsoft. E3 is upon us!







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