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Letters from the Front

Screenshot (19)

Yesterday was a big day for Rockstar as they released the third trailer for Red Dead Redemption II.

Within the trailer, we learned that RDRII is a prequel, taking place at the turn of the century as the Final Frontier is becoming more civilized as the federal government and the rule of law begins to creep in across this vast land west of the Mississippi. RDRII takes place at the turn of the century where outlaws and the heroic cowboys are slowly fading into history as a new age begins in America.

Today, is another big day. IGN and numerous big websites have released brand new images for Red Dead Redemption II and join me as we take a deep dive into this brand new information. Let’s begin!



Arthur is looking quite weathered here.


From left to right: Dutch, Arthur, and Sadie Adler. We finally have a name for this mysterious blonde woman but I wonder what is her relationship with Arthur as it is mighty tight.


A younger John Marston before his days as a family man. It seems that we will finally know how John got those scars. The rumors were that he received them via a bear attack or from the 1906 Bank Robbery but who knows.


American sunset. The open world is absolutely beautiful, this is the first game that Rockstar has built for the current generation.


Looks like we can hunt our prey and return them back to camp.


I wonder if we will be able to set up camp and feed our friends with the animals that Arthur catches and kills. That will be an interesting mechanic.


Arthur riding across the Midwestern plains.


Take a look at the man adjacent from Arthur and notice his hat. I think it is Bill Williamson. Notice the destruction in the background, if this is the RAGE Engine that Rockstar used in previous games then they have taken alot of time to retool it for this generation.


Dutch and perhaps a Prostitute? Does that signify that we’ll have GTA style of things to do like hire prostitutes for one night stands? The business of prostitution flourished throughout the Wild West.

vast plains

Across the vast plains. I wonder if we’ll get companions similar to Fallout or The Elder Scrolls in which we can take with us on hunting trips, missions, and whatnot. Notice how detailed the land is, Rockstar has taken their time crafting this game and I applaud them.


Heists 1899. This picture seems to indicate that we’ll be able to go on heists, I wonder if the heists are also part of the open world. Just go into a random bank and rob it with our pals, that will be cool.

Sadie and John

Sadie Adler and John Marston in a gunfight. John Marston is wearing his signature outfit from the original game, I wonder if we’ll be able to pair up and bring companions along like I said earlier. Once again, notice the destruction in the background as the gunfight ensures.


Walking the trail at dusk. IGN describes that the weather will be dynamic and I wonder how that will play out ingame.

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