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Letters from the Front

Screenshot (25)

Yesterday, I headfirst dived into the new screenshots of Red Dead Redemption II. This is the part 2 of that.

Yesterday was a big day for Red Dead Redemption II as Rockstar gave access to the game to the big dotcoms and let the editors loose in Rockstar’s rendition of 1899 America where the West was beginning into fade into history as the Federal Government and the rule of law descended across the land in efforts to civilize the West and ultimately bring civilization to that part of the country as the 20th century dawned.

Let’s take a journey as I dive headfirst into these brand new screenshots for the game.



Females were also Outlaws in this period of American history. Some of the famous female outlaws were Belle Star, Annie Oakley, Pearl Hart amongst others. I wonder if we’ll be able to play as Sadie in a mission or two, GTA V style. Also, I wonder what’s her relationship to Arthur as they seem to have a tight relationship.


Arthur is riding in a town. Notice how detailed the building is behind him and notice how his jacket and shirt is full of small details like dirt. I wonder if this is the same town that was in the previous screenshots and was taken at night.

RDR2 Horse

Rockstar said that Red Dead Redemption II will have dynamic weather, similar to The Witcher 3. I wonder how the weather will play out, I would like to see a sandstorm come in once and a while or see how the weather changes the overall gameplay. Also, horse balls.


This screenshot is beautiful as Arthur and Bill rides across a forest during the middle of the day. Take notice how good the foliage is, Rockstar has taken great amount of time to make sure everything is in tip top shape for it’s release in October.


Gambling! This kind of confirms that we’ll be able to do extracurricular activities within the game like Gambling. I wonder if we’ll be able to gamble with our companions or pals like we see here in the screenshot.


Hunting. I wonder if we’ll be able to hunt our prey and them in nets and take them back to our camp so we can cook them.


This bear seems to be a Grizzly Bear which can only be found in the American midwest which I wonder if the map that was leaked is true because the map featured many different regions and this bear seems to belong to one of those regions. I wonder if we’ll be able to hunt region-specific animals like this bear here or the ducks seen in the previous screenshot.


Ominous. The trailer and the screenshows show alot of cemeteries so I wonder what will happen to our main protagonist, Arthur Morgan and his friends throughout the course of the singleplayer campaign.

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