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Letters from the Front


( Played on PS4 Pro.)

( Editor’s note: This review features a review score on the bottom. Normally, I don’t do review scores but for this one I decided to do it.)

The Last of Us was already one of the most impressive games from the PS3 era and it’s remaster is a nice package for someone who hasn’t gotten the chance to ever play it.

The Last of Us is a unique game. Unparalleled in the sphere of videogames. I have seen nothing like it in all the years that I’ve been playing videogames, nothing quite like it and most likely never will.

The Last of Us has the same setting that numerous other games of its nature have and it’s kind of clichéd but in the way the game approaches it is its own. It paints a dark future that is cold, evil, and heartless. It’s not a fun setting to be in,  and it’s a very serious game. It’s a dark and depressing game.

The Last of Us tells the story of Joel, a middle-aged survivor of this brutally and hellish world. Joel is living his life in the Boston Quarantine, a safe area from whatever is out there. In the midst of an operation, Joel meets Ellie, a girl who is on her way to the west for unknown reasons. Circumstances bring them together, and they set off on a journey to the west that is dangerous.

The best part of the game is how these two characters play off from each other and their relationship with one another. The way how these two characters develop is solely the most interesting thing in the game, Ellie’s development is the strongest aspect in this case and is the breakout “star” if you might say. Despite the world around her, she still acts like a regular believable teenager girl and it’s easy to build some sort of connection with her then in most games with companions.

The development of their relationship and how they grow in each other’s presence isn’t forced. The dialogue, no matter how short or long, it fleshes it out and because The Last of Us spent so much time trying to get me to care for the characters and how they grow, its high points were effective. Their relationship at first is antagonistic and cold, butting heads all the time and then later as the game progresses, the relationship settles into something more affectionate later because they spent so much time with each other.


The Last of Us is mainly nostalgia in some kind of way, an air of melancholy hangs around the game. As Joel and Ellie explore the remains of what’s left of the old world, they have to get through hundreds of people to get to their final destination. In these situations, stealth is the only way to kill your enemies.

The combat is unlike anything I’ve seen in other third person games like Gears or Alan Wake or a game of that nature. Stealth is slow and brutal, the combat is brutal and up in your face but I feel like it takes away from the experience. It takes you out of this powerful story that’s being told. Outside of that, there are more problems with The Last of Us as it falls into the trappings of the third person genre. These sequences cause a rift between the rest of the game and the gunplay is very frustrating and quite messy.

The combat against the human enemies is very traditional while the combat with the infected is quite interesting although it’s a one-hit death if they get close to you. They’re faster and more aggressive and unpredictable then the human enemies. Fighting them is terrifying, especially in the first few hours of the game. There are three versions of the Infected, the Runner is the first one but it’s the clickers that will get you in your sleep. They can only be killed if you stab them or shoot them solely in the head. Silence is the best way to deal with them and in this world, the Clickers are the enemies you fear the most.

The Last of Us also features crafting and is pretty much generic although the best part is that you have to choose what you want to craft. The crafting system is supposed to mimic real life consequences. Do you want to use a scissors or a shiv? Do you want to build a molotov cocktail or a first aid kit? How you choose to navigate will impact the next time you see an enemy which adds a unique kind of spin that most other games don’t have, including Naughty Dog’s own Uncharted franchise.


What Last of Us offers is something unique and something more than the likes of God of War, Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Infamous, and many more. In short, The Last of Us has crafted a game that impresses in almost every way.

The Last of Us is a good game, maybe one of the bests of all time because due to the story, the characters, the world, and many other factors but the weak parts of the game hold it back from being a 10/10 game for me.





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