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Letters from the Front



Ever since 2002, Battlefield has been one of the franchises that has been close to my heart and it is one of my favorite franchises of all time.

Battlefield is quite different to other games, especially its main competitor, because it offers something different and offers something unique that you can’t really get in other games. One of those things that the franchise offers is the feeling that you’re there, you’re there in the heat of the moment as your teammates move besides you, tanks and airplanes move alongside you as you meet the enemy on a massive battlefield. That’s one of the moments that you can’t get in other games in the genre. There’s alot of unique moments as well when you sit down with a Battlefield game.

It has been an eventful last few weeks for the Battlefield franchise as the last DLC for Battlefield 1 released back in February and Battlefield 1 is coming to an end. They have slowly been teasing the next game on Twitter, it looks like it’s now full steam ahead. On May 23rd, 2018,  is when Battlefield V will be revealed and I hope it’s World War II as it has been a very long time since the franchise has returned to Fortress Europe. Today, we’ll take a look at each of the franchises’ trailers and how the engine has evolved from the Refractor to the Frostbite Engine as the franchises turns 16 in 2018.

Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Battlefield Vietnam (2004 )

 Battlefield 2 (2005)

Battlefield 2142 (2006)

Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)

 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (2010)

Battlefield 3 (2011)

Battlefield 4 (2013)

Battlefield 1 (2016)


( Thanks to Berduu for his Battlefield 3 screenshots.)

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