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Letters from the Front


On Wednesday, EA and DICE will reveal Battlefield V which is rumored to be set within World War II. It will be the first time in over 16 years that the franchise has returned to the setting and I bet it will be very exciting to return once again to a historical setting in a time where everyone keeps going forward in time.

But as with every game DICE puts out, we don’t know what the setting will be nor do we know what the game will entail. And with every game that comes and goes, there are a few features that I would not like to see return to the franchise ever again. Here is 5 things that the next installment doesn’t need.



These were introduced with Battlefield 1 as a comeback mechanic, a way of turning the tide and winning the battle for your team but I don’t think the behemoths had the same impact in-game as DICE marketed it out to be. Changing the original formula to Conquest allowed DICE to add in Behemoths but they rarely helped the losing team and honestly, they became nothing but a gimmick in my opinion. Something that was supposed to be epic and grand never really panned out to anything.

I hope DICE has realized that this is one of the lessons learned from Battlefield 1. Nobody really liked them, I didn’t like them because after a few rounds, they just became an annoyance and a distraction. On the plus side, Behemoths can be of good help but that “good help” is squandered by useless players.

Elite Kits


Much like Behemoths, Elite Kits were introduced within Battlefield 1 to have you, the player, have more impact on the ground and have more impact on the enemy team as a frightful sentry than just a normal soldier that you usually spawn in as.

The Elite Kits can be seen as an extension of the weapon pickups within Battlefield 4, the previous installment. With the Elite Kits, instead of picking up a weapon like in the previous installment, you are a different class and have a complete different loadout. They create a side objective for the enemy team who is against you, I feel like the way how DICE added them is completely irrelevant and isn’t necessary to a degree. You can’t put them down, they become limited or useless when they’re no longer needed for a part of the round that is being played such as the Trench Raider kit or the Tank Hunter kit where when you’re done destroying tanks, you no longer have an objective and instead use it to kill the enemy players using the shotgun or the primary weapon that was used to take out tanks. The Flame Trooper is also a good example.

I don’t feel like the Elite Kits add anything special to the game, much like the Behemoths, instead they just ended up being a gimmick. A marketing point because after you’re done doing what was the primary function of the class, you no longer have a point to being on the field and instead have to seek out a tank or a group of enemies to resume that function. If DICE adds the kits again in this installment, I hope they allow you the option to put them down and resume being your original class.

No RNG Battlepacks


After the disaster that was Battlefront II back in 2017, EA would be absolutely stupid and idiotic to include the random crates in their next big game in the Battlefield franchise, even though, they have stated that they will continue to use them in their titles where modes evolve around them like FIFA Ultimate Team, for example.

Within Battlefield 1, the battlepacks didn’t satisfy me nor anyone when it came to progression and gave nobody a clear path to unlocking those awesome skins for weapons. Even worse was that the skins were absolutely random and were never a guarantee in the first place, you had to keep re-rolling to get an epic or legendary skin or a skin that you wanted for your gun. On top of that, the battlepacks were available to purchase with real money which was completely unnecessary because the game gave you the scraps to buy the crates. Anyways, the crates didn’t pan out to be anything and instead, let’s do something different for this installment.

For this installment, I wouldn’t mind crates, just as long as what you got was a guarantee and not something that you wanted. For example, if I recieved a crate for a game I completed and I checked what was once inside the revision and there was an awesome skin for my gun or a rare skin for my character and I opened it, it would be awesome if the crate gave me those two rare or legendary skins instead of giving me something completely random and something that I didn’t want. What’s better is that the battlepacks are completely abandoned and instead you get a clear progression like milestones or challenges or weapon challenges that grant you a skin or a character skin for a specific class.

Premium Needs to be Redefined


We are now in a different gaming sphere then we were in 2010 or 2013. The concept of a “Season Pass” or a “Premium Pass” as Battlefield puts it is outdated and is no longer being sought out after the successes of Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege which utilizes a season pass but it’s not in the way you expect it to be.

The Premium Pass for Battlefield 1 was a complete disaster and it splitted the player base right down the middle because of an expensive price that was almost the same price as the base game itself. The premium pass itself caused the game to rift and the players that were already playing left and never returned leaving the players that were already playing the game to enjoy what the game’s expansions offered.

I think Battlefield V needs to use a live service that isn’t in the style of Battlefront II but something completely original or use the system in place used by Rainbow Six: Siege. A live service that DICE and EA can craft up could be good for the game and for the playerbase, it can offer new content and free updates and all of this would apply to the entire playbase instead of a small segment of players who brought Premium with support coming in from cosmetic only MTX. I’m convinced if they don’t settle on a live service or intend to use premium again but don’t redefine it then I bet we’ll see the same situation that occurred with Battlefield 1.

DICE and EA either needs to scrap the premium model or redefine it and use the Rainbow Six: Siege system which I like alot more than what Battlefield is currently using.

No More Extra Game Modes


Lastly, Battlefield 1 has too many gamemodes. It launched with TDM, Domination, Conquest, Rush, Operations and later it launched with more as expansions released and it ended with 13 gamemodes including the brand new Shock Operations which will release next month. Battlefield 1 will end up being bloated with gamemodes that nobody really touched outside of the modes that the game came with.

It would be nice if Battlefield V launched with just Operations, Conquest, Rush, TDM, Domination, Squad Rush, and some other modes and DICE leaves it like that without needing to further expand the game with filler gamemodes that nobody will play. I would like to see DICE bring out their expansions without adding any new gamemodes and instead with the regular content: More maps and new weapons that everyone can unlock.

If DICE wants to sprinkle in some new gamemodes then that’s okay, just as long as they don’t overdo it like how DICE overdid it with Battlefield 1. Trim all the fat and have a game that’s super lean and focuses on the big gamemodes that everyone plays like the franchises’ new mainstays like Operations and it’s regular modes like Conquest and Rush.

I would like for one to play slim-downed Battlefield title without having extra things attached that bloats the game.

We’ll shall learn more on Wednesday.

( Thanks to Berduu and Supremex11 for Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1 screenshots.)






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