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Letters from the Front


Tomorrow is a big day for the Battlefield franchise. EA DICE will reveal the newest installment in the franchise after it’s been missing in action for the past two years with expansions releasing for the previous installment, 2016’s Battlefield 1 which took place in the First World War. Yesterday, the Battlefield social media uploaded a small teaser which confirmed the World War II setting after numerous rumors and leaks which put the World War II setting into many people’s train of thinking.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about the “5 things that Battlefield V doesn’t need” and today, I decided to do a followup to that. So, let’s get started!

A Better Skill Gap


One of the biggest criticisms that came out of Battlefield 1 was that it was too casual and was directed at the casual audience where the gameplay diverted from the realism aspect that Battlefield always offered in favor of something more easy and more focused on the player instead of his teammates like Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 did.

One of the biggest gripes was the tank and airplane self-repair that you could’ve often pull off in the heat of the moment and the gunplay itself was also casual. This has to go and instead Battlefield V needs a higher skill ceiling like that seen in previous Battlefield games. I would like to see the return of most of the features that were present in previous games like Bullet Drop and the reliance on an Engineer to come and repair your vehicle of choice. I would like to see the return of skill when it comes to gunplay.

The gunplay in Battlefield 1 was too easy, very similar to that of Call of Duty where you point and shoot as well as just hipfire and get instant kills. I would like to see this removed and make the gunplay a bit more harder and reliance on aim instead of hipfiring everywhere. Slowing the effectiveness of grenades and addressing nade spam might be a good idea. Also take away Bayonet charge, it’s annoying.

More Customization for Weapons and Character Models


Customization in Battlefield 1 was lacking in terms of character customization and weapon attachments although that could be attributed to the World War I setting as alot of these things weren’t present within the era. I’m also not a fan of the weapon variant system seen within Battlefield 1, I enjoy the fact that I can tweak and customize any weapon to my heart’s content so I would like to have full and complete control over the guns I use within Battlefield V. This system makes me feel like I own the weapon and I feel alot closer to my weapon because I can tweak it and add certain attachments to the weapon that ultimately it becomes my own.

As for character customization, I would like to see that return because I’m one of the gamers that I enjoy customizing my character and adding new outfits and camos to my soldier. I like customization within games because I feel alot closer to the player character because I can tweak him or her to my heart’s content and make the player character my own. I would like to see in Battlefield V a deeper system for character customization like in Ghost Recon or many other games, for example I can customize his uniform or elements of his uniform like his gloves or helmet. I hope to see some form of customization within Battlefield V.

Expanding Operations


Operations is the brand new mode that was added to the Battlefield franchise within Battlefield 1 and was one of the standouts within that game, I really like Operations and would like to see it return but not in the way you expect.

Operations within Battlefield 1 told the story of real conflicts that took place within The First World War and had you capturing objectives, just simply flag objectives, with a large playercount. I would like to see it expand within Battlefield V.

For me, Operations is the closest thing to war you can get within a videogame: It’s gnarly, brutal, cinematic, and has that tense feeling that anything can happen to you and your team and I think DICE should expand that a bit to mimic true to life military objectives like a certain squad does this and your squad does that. I would like to see more of an interactive battlefield when it comes to Operations, for example, Squad A takes out the guns while Squad B takes the bluffs and bunkers. I think that makes the battle you’re in more interactive and requires a bit more teamwork then just capturing two flags and advancing, when you have an objective that needs completing, it requires a bit more teamwork and ups that tense factor that anything can happen and nothing is safe as the drums of war sound all around you.

A Better Progression System


Battlefield 1’s progression was atricious and left a lot to be desired. There wasn’t any sort of progression outside of the ranking system, the currency system within Battlefield 1 left a lot to be desired and was simply too easy to unlock a weapon and call it a day.

I really miss Battlefield 4’s and Battlefield 3’s progression system where it took points to unlock certain guns for certain factions and this let you, the player, learn more about the inner workings of the weapon you unlocked before you moved onto the next weapon and gave you a goal to work towards for which gave you a sense of pride and accomplishment. I would like to see this return to Battlefield V, especially with the World War II setting and instead of using the War Bonds method, use the BF3 / BF4 system where certain guns aren’t available to you until you meet the required level and have the required points to unlock a weapon like the MP40 or the Thompson SMG for the German Army or British Army. I would like to have a feeling of accomplishment that I did something to earn that weapon instead of having enough cash to buy it outright.

Make Less Mistakes When It Comes to Content: Regular Content Drops, Please.


We live in a different gaming sphere then we were back during the 360 / PS3 era where it wasn’t necessary to do regular content drops and you could wait a couple of months for an expansion to release. That isn’t the case now, it’s a different reality to that time in gaming history. Most if not all games are now moving towards Games as a Service and using Live Service models to offer unlimited content drops and Battlefield V needs this to sustain lifecycle instead of everyone leaving the boat like they did with Battlefield 1, early in the lifecycle.

Battlefield 1’s DLC schedule was absolutely atricious and the way how DICE handled Battlefield 1 left a lot to be desired. Waiting 6 months for a second expansion isn’t acceptable now and waiting 5 months for the first DLC also isn’t acceptable, the release for the last two Battlefield 1 expansions was a bit better but still left a lot to be desired and as a result, those two expansions were rushed and void of anything good, it honestly like DICE had enough of Battlefield 1 and decided to rush those two expansion and go work on Battlefield V.

DICE needs to take a look around and see where they can be inspired from to improve their content drops and I suggest looking at games like Fortnite and Overwatch, those two games are successful and popular because Epic Games and Activision Blizzard keeps adding new content daily and in the case of Fortnite, Epic is adding new content almost weekly and there’s always something new happening and there is something to go after like a new weapon or a new kind of gadget that you can use against your enemies.

If DICE wants a good playerbase for Battlefield V, I suggest them to take a live service approach similar to Overwatch or Fortnite and improve that DLC release schedule instead of taking a lifetime on new content arriving to the game and perhaps do a monthly content drop like a new map or numerous weapons crates that makes me want to pick up the game every week and play to get that new weapon or a new gadget to use.

And that’s it. I hope DICE improves on all of these aspects within Battlefield V, stay tuned tomorrow for the in-depth “What Did You Miss?” for Battlefield V’s reveal trailer. See you then!

( Thanks to Berduu for his Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 screenshot.)



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