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Letters from the Front


World War II was the most global war in modern history, it involved almost 100 million soldiers from across 30 nations including the United States. World War II would be the most deadliest conflict in human history, marked 50 to 85 million fatalities, most of which came from the Soviet Union and China. For the first time in the history of warfare, an atomic bomb would be used and the term “genocide” would be coined by the end of the war as the worst secret would be unveiled to the world in 1945. By war’s end, it would change the political alignment and social structure of the world once again and the Soviet Union alongside the United States emerged as rivals and superpowers in the post-war years which would set the stage for the Cold War.  World War II would change the world forever.

I guess the leaks and rumors were correct. EA DICE’s newest installment in the Battlefield franchise takes place within World War II. It is the first time that DICE has returned to the theaters of World War II in almost 16 years. Today, DICE revealed the trailer which I will do a complete breakdown of tomorrow. We’ll analyze the screenshots today, let’s get started!



In this screenshot, we can see a German Luftwaffe plane in a dogfight with a British Spitfire while soldiers on the ground are fighting each other. I wonder what map this is.

Death deal

This is part of the co-operative mode as we can see one of the characters that was shown in the reveal trailer  in this screenshot.


In this screenshot, it looks like the troopers are from the British faction as they rush an objective after parachuting. Is this part of the new “Airborne.” game mode or part of Operations on what looks like Operation Market Garden?


In this screenshot, we see a British bomber plane being escorted by British spitfire planes while British paratroopers jump from a C-47. I really like how the graphics look in Battlefield V, much better than Battlefield 1.


Same characters from within the reveal trailer are shown in this screenshot while I’m assuming A.I teammates parachute it. This screenshot and the three others above seem to suggest Operation Market Garden will make it’s return in Battlefield V.


A screenshot of a soldier with tanker or parachute goggles, I wonder if this is the support player in Multiplayer.

Panzer SS

A German Panzer tank being knocked out or being partially destroyed.


The squad that we see in the reveal trailer at the same point that the reveal trailer was shot in.







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