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Letters from the Front

Panzer SS

Yesterday, the newest Battlefield installment was revealed to the world and the leaks were right about the setting. Battlefield V takes place within the confines of World War II, but much like Battlefield 1, the game will tell the untold stories of the war instead of reverting back to the familiar battlegrounds of World War II like Normandy or the Battle of the Bulge. That will probably become one of my favorite aspects of Battlefield V as I’m tired of seeing the same old locations being thrown down when it comes to World War II era shooters. There is so much more to discover when it comes to World War II and videogames limit themselves to the same fronts and the same battles like the Normandy beach-landings or the Battle of the Bulge, there is so much more that videogames can show to the world instead of being restricted by movies like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.

In Battlefield V, we won’t see the same locations again and again but instead will be shown something new like Norwegian resistance fighters fighting against the Germans to free their country from occupation or the German airborne troops dropping into France in 1940 as they push the British back to Dunkirk. Battlefield V brings what made Battlefield 1 so successful into the realm of The Second World War, twisting it a bit while delivering immersive settings and gameplay across the entirety of The Second World War.

Yesterday, Battlefield V was revealed to the world and it left alot to be desired. I didn’t really enjoy the trailer or the reveal because so much info was left out and the reveal trailer didn’t do the game justice as the developers and EA Gamechangers delved into the game’s features and delivered what the reveal should’ve delivered, like new gameplay features and gunplay that will revolutionize the Battlefield franchise. That reveal trailer left a lot to be desired and ultimately, it didn’t do it justice as the game itself sounds like it will return Battlefield to being hardcore and focusing on the teamplay elements that Battlefield 1 failed to deliver during it’s lifecycle. That reveal was a complete mess in my opinion.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get right into this disastrous reveal trailer:

Screenshot (1)

Here we see one of the new features that will be seen in Battlefield V. You’ll be able to add teddy bears, bottles, and much more to vehicles. From this standpoint, this type of armor for tanks offered no protection but it gave a boost to soldier’s morales throughout the course of World War II.

Screenshot (2)

In the next frame, this is an American paratrooper or a tanker as you can see he sports a M23 goggles and MK. 2 frag grenades which were the standard issue frags for the US Army and USMC during the course of World War II.

Screenshot (3)

In the next frame, we see the squad that this trailer focuses on or “The Company” as DICE is putting it. These guys can be customizable to your liking and they’ll travel with you everywhere outside of the singleplayer war stories or that’s what I got from DICE themselves when they were explaining it. They’re hopping out of a Churchill tank.

Screenshot (4)

This female SOE Agent is sporting a Thompson SMG with what looks like a muzzle brake or some kind of compensator with the traditional stick magazine.  She is also sporting a prosthetic arm which will be a customization option.

Screenshot (5)

A good look at the British SOE agent and what appears to be a British SAS or Paratrooper who has his back turned to us. Both are sporting the Thompson SMG, on the dude’s back, we can see some kind of melee weapon.

Screenshot (6)

DICE has stated that everything you see here is customization and is an option for those that want to go wacky and never look the same as other players. We’ll be able to customize our face, appearance, race, and gender. She is sporting a prosthetic arm which is true to the era but I don’t think anyone served in World War II with a prosthetic arm, clearly Battlefield V is inspired by World War II and not a historic retelling which puts in the historical fiction genre, much like Battlefield 1.

Screenshot (7)

Another new feature is seen here. Unlike in previous games in the series, DICE is reworking how reviving works in Battlefield V. Reviving this time around will take longer to do instead of simply injecting a syringe into a dead corpse, injuried players will have the choice to shout for a medic or a friend who can drag them behind cover and revive them. On his arm is a wrist compass which was issues to Paratroopers in World War II.

Screenshot (8)

Out the window here, two Churchill tanks roll on through at very high speeds. One has a 290 spigot mortar and the other tank is a weapons carrier with a 3 inch gun.

Screenshot (9)

Our female friend has spawned back in and instead of the Thompson, she is now using the Lee Enfield which was the standard issue Bolt Action Rifle of the British forces during World War II. It saw usage in both world wars and the weapon itself has a suppressor. It’s important to notice that the Churchill tanks are driving through the house and that is part of the actual gameplay. You’ll be able to drive through the corners of the buildings. The Churchill tank has improvised armor suggesting that we will be able to customize our vehicles.

Screenshot (26)

The female SOE agent has boarded a variant of the German Half-Track which could fit 2 people besides the driver. Next to the halftrack is a Flak 38 cannon being towed by a Valentine tank which means that we’ll be able to tow anything once again, this feature hasn’t been seen since 2004 with Battlefield: Vietnam. This is a first hint at this map’s setting which I believe is the River Escaut which runs through Northern France and the Netherlands.

Screenshot (27)

In the next frame, a Messerschmidt BF109 roars past our squad and strife several Allied soldiers on a hill.

Screenshot (28)

We get our first look at a Tiger Tank and it’s protected by some sort of armor protection, an anti-magnetic protection that deflects certain anti-tank weapons.

Screenshot (29)

A Stuka divebomber crashes into the ground.

Screenshot (30)

German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers looking for our squad as the pilot of the Stuka gets out and presumably dies.

Screenshot (31)

In this shot, we can see our teammates building fortifications with a toolbox which is a brand new gameplay feature coming to Battlefield V. This toolbox allows you to build certain items around the gameworld to hold objectives or rebuild certain destroyed buildings to set up MG nests. The soldier is carrying a Piat Launcher and to his left is a PAK 40.

Screenshot (32)

This British Spitfire is chasing a German Stuka plane.

Screenshot (33)

A BF109 nosedrives into the ground after our teammate throws back a grenade and our character shoots it which results in the divebomber crashing into the ground.

Screenshot (34)

In this shot, we can see a British Spitfire flying overhead as our player character is reloading the MG42.

Screenshot (35)

A V1 rocket is launched from somewhere and proceeds to crash into the ground, creating a shockwave for our characters.

Screenshot (36)

We return to where the teaser left off. In this frame, a German soldier ( presumably a paratrooper or a pilot.) is attempting to strangle us (I assume.) , the weird thing about this is that this is a gameplay feature. Looking at the hud, Classic Conquest has returned and that squad spawning is indeed returning to Battlefield V, Multiplayer and co-operative play it seems.

Screenshot (37)

Suddenly, we hear air raid alarms and paratroopers jumping from planes. It’s hard to tell if these paratroopers are Fallschirmjäger or Allied paratroopers as the planes appear to be C-47’s and not a Junker Ju.


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