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Letters from the Front


A week from today is when E3 will be upon us. The heavy hitters will be criticized, especially Microsoft, who has been criticized almost at every turn throughout this generation. This generation has been their PS3 moment.

Here’s what I would like to see from Xbox at this year’s E3, here is my hopes and dreams for the platform.

First Party Investment from Xbox


Microsoft has been succeeding in other areas this generation, particulary in other areas when it comes to the Xbox platform. Game Pass, Mixer, investing in the power of the cloud, and much more. However, though, one thing that they’re really lacking is first party exclusives although slowly they’re trying to make their way across that bridge.

I really hope they start showing us that they’re recommitted to first party exclusives and it’s too early to show us what the reorganization has brought since Matt Booty was brought on board earlier in the year but they should really take a few lessons from Sony and promise to recommit themselves to the first party initiative and take a step forward so the next generation can start on the right foot.

There’s plenty of franchises that Microsoft can bring from the dead.



There are plenty of games that Microsoft can bring from the dead. Franchises like RYSE, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Mech Assault and Alan Wake. Alan Wake definitely needs to make a comeback and I would like MS to go out and get them, all depending on deals of course. However, Microsoft is running out of time as we slowly inch our way into the next generation of hardware. The games are the weakest part of the Xbox this generation and right now, it IS the weakest point in the entire Xbox division. Everything else is doing okay or going great, except for the games.

I don’t really like what they’ve putting out except for the legacy franchises but they need something new to freshen it up. There are rumors that have been swirling around for some time when it comes to the Gears & Halo spin-off, Fable reboot, and a Perfect Dark reboot being worked on by the Coalition. I would love some great surprises to come out from Xbox’s E3 press conference like the Gears spin-off which is rumored to be something similar to XCOM which could be interesting.

There has been rumors about Cyberpunk being showed on stage which could be very interesting and would be a huge get for Microsoft to end this generation out on a bang. I want to see if that is true.

The Future of Xbox


The future of Xbox is looking bright. Xbox is slowly headed towards that company that provide services and games but they need to work on the game side but it’s looking bright.

I would like to see what is their plans for the future as the generation comes to an end and the next one begins. I would like to see a roadmap of what they’re planning and I think that would be a good idea, take some things from Sony and learn from they’ve done in this generation.

That’s really I want out of Xbox’s E3 press conference this year, just a re-commitment to First Party and show us something when it comes to first party games, it doesn’t even have to be a trailer or anything, just a roadmap to the future. It’s looking quite exciting as we head into E3 2018.

What do you want to see from this E3?

( header credit: Jarod Erwin, Halo: Reach)



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