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Letters from the Front


Sorry on not getting around to this for some time now, it’s been kind of hectic with different things going on, so here it is, at long last, the Xbox E3 2018 predictions.

E3 is right around the corner and the prediction game continues after a couple of E3’s doing this. I love speculation and speculating on what we’re going to see is something that I actually enjoy doing. Today, I’ll be taking a look at Microsoft and tomorrow is the last patch of predictions for Sony.

This year, Microsoft is changing things up in a major way. Microsoft has kept most things close to their chest and they’re moving their conference from the Galen Center and to the Microsoft Theatre at L.A Live and has said that this is their largest E3 showcase to date and will reportedly span for about 2 hours. As to what that means and if it will actually span 2 hours, tune in on June 10th at 1pm PST.

Without further ado, let’s get into the predictions.

Halo 6?


Halo hasn’t been seen since Halo 5 in 2015 and if it’s close to being shown then I suspect it will launch in November of this year but I don’t think so. Halo 5 was met with a lot of criticisms to its single-player so 343i is taking alot of time to make sure that Halo 6 is right and ready for primetime so I don’t think Halo 6 will be shown off there, maybe a teaser.

Halo spin-off?


I’ve heard rumors that there is Halo Spin-off is in the works and will release sometime this year because of 343i is taking their time on Halo 6 and I believe it.

Halo is the oldest franchise in Microsoft’s lineup and it’s time for them to do something new with the brand. I would like to see if Microsoft will hop into the Battle Royale trend with Halo: Battle Royale because that mode would fit in perfectly with Halo and I would like to see another game in the format of Halo 3: ODST, a spin-off title that doesn’t focus on Master Chief and his allies and instead focuses on other aspects of the Halo universe which is quite unexplored.

Crackdown 3 getting Delayed to 2019?


I 100% see Crackdown 3 being delayed to 2019 and that’s okay, just as long as Microsoft delivers on a good game.

I’ve heard alot of reports surrounding Crackdown 3 and I think it will be best if it’s delayed to Summer or Spring of 2019 as this fall will most likely be cramped as we’re already see the formations of how this Holiday Season will end up being, from Battlefield V to Red Dead Redemption 2 and all in between, it is best if Crackdown 3 gets pushed back as it will be most likely forgotten and squashed between all the big names that will release this holiday season. Take some time and polish it some more.

Is Gears getting a Spin-off?


As I don’t expect Gears of War 5 to be announced this soon, I do think we’ll get something Gears related at E3 2018, maybe some sort of spin-off. There has been rumors which have been credible about a Gears spin-off in the works which has been compared to XCOM which is quite interesting.

I would love to see Gears tackle something like XCOM, it could freshen up the long running series which is now somewhat long in the tooth and needs some refreshment.

 Cyberpunk 2077 Makes It’s Debut


I believe that majority of the time is that third party games will carry Xbox during thier showcase at E3. There has been plenty of leaks and rumors surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 will not only get it’s gameplay debut but also be re-revealed on stage with marketing rights going to Microsoft which is believable to an extent because CDPR has always had a comfortable relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox brand.

If this is true then it’s going to be a big catch for Microsoft as Cyberpunk 2077 is probalby one of the biggest most anticipated games of all time.

Hardware Announcements: Streaming Services!


Throughout the year and last couple of years there has been rumors floating around that there will be some sort of streaming service that Microsoft will put out sometime soon and I tend to believe that. Xbox is going more towards a service company offering not just only XBL but also Xbox Game Pass which holds a lot of promise and I believe this streaming service will be announced at Xbox.

Microsoft will be following in the footsteps of Sony whom has Playstation Now but it’s sort of niche, I believe Microsoft can offer something much better and more attractable. The most important thing is pricing though which I think Microsoft can debate and fall on a good spot and I think it could be good: XBL plus Game Pass and this streaming service could go well in Microsoft’s favor.

Nier Automata is announced for Xbox


There has been rumors floating since late last year that Nier Automata is going to release on Xbox sometime this year and I believe it.

Xbox needs some good JRPG’s on the console since they were a part of the Xbox 360 generation. Despite it being a niche genre, especially on Xbox, I think having a JRPG would do some good not only just for the fans of the genre who has been wanting JRPG’s on the console but it would do some good for the Xbox itself. We’ll see.

New Hardware: Xbox Elite Controller v2

Elite controller

Last but not least, I think Microsoft will announce another version of the Xbox Elite controller.

The Xbox Elite controller is pretty old and outdated by today’s terms since it came out around 2015 and I think it would be pretty good to see that fans of the controller get an updated version of it with vast improvements. Rumors have been swirling around the new Elite controller since early this year when it was leaked via a Chinese site which was later backed up by The Verge.

The new elite controller is rumored to not only evolve on what made the original so good but also improve on it like a three-staged hair trigger lock in which you can adjust the trigger depression far more then in the original controller. Another feature coming to the new controller is tension control for the joysticks and revised and updated rubber grips since the original controller’s rubber grips tend to fall off after great amounts of usage.

Another rumor is that this Elite Controller V2 will come with a charging dock and that this controller will support USB Type C as well. Interesting.

Anyways, we’re getting closer each and every day to E3. Come back tomorrow for the last rounds of predictions before we head into the arena, see you tomorrow!








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