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Letters from the Front


This was simply amazing. Definitely one of the best E3 conferences.

The highlight of the show was clearly Fallout 76 since it’s the big game coming out for Bethesda this year but there were plenty of other games that were shown including a new Wolfenstein.

Rage 2 was also present and the sequel to the DOOM reboot is on it’s way and DLC for Prey was also present and announced which is a plus because Prey was one of my favorite games from 2017. Here is some of the announcements that I found interesting:


Finally, Starfield has been announced and shown off to the world.

Starfield is a brand new franchise from Bethesda Game Studios and is the next big Singleplayer game from Todd Howard. After years of renewing the trademark and years of leaks, we finally know what it is and it’s what the leaks have been referring too.

Starfield is the brand new franchise from them in almost 25 years since they began The Elder Scrolls.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

There’s a new Wolfenstein game incoming and it’s not Wolfenstein III. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a new co-op spinoff game that takes place in Paris in the year 1980 as the two daughters of B.J are on the hunt to rescue him from the hands of the Germans.

Fallout 76 details

We got our first good look at Fallout 76 and I’m not as concerned as I was previously when they released the teaser trailer.

Fallout 76 is set in the hills of West Virginia and the game tells the story of the first people who left the vaults after the Great War. The difference is that FO76 isn’t a proper Fallout game, it’s strictly a spin-off game meant to bridge the gap and hold the water down until the next proper Fallout game is released, that being Fallout 5. Fallout 76 is an online game but with the option of playing solo is there as well. ( I will do that.)

You’ll be able to join your friends whenever you want, and all of your progression goes with you,” Howard said. “When we think about games, we think about worlds, and the choices that you can make.”

Fallout 76 is in stores this November and sometime later down the road before launch, there will be a beta.

Doom: Eternal

Doom Eternal is the sequel to the DOOM reboot which is one of the best shooters to come out of this generation and I am so happy to see that a sequel is on it’s way.

We don’t know much but expect some more details soon.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Finally! Almost after 8 years, we’re getting a new Elder Scrolls game but this most likely will come out after Starfield, around 2022 at the latest which will make it 11 years since Skyrim released.

There isn’t any new details and won’t likely be any new details until closer to release but it is happening and it is coming. Some theories place the game at High Rock since it’s close to Skyrim, High Rock is the home of the Breton race and is home to some orcs. I can’t wait for this.

Later on today, stay tuned for my review of the Ubisoft E3 conference!


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