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Letters from the Front

different faces

On Sunday during Xbox’s E3 conference, we got a re-reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 with a trailer and it was glorious.

The trailer contains a lot of information about the game and where the game takes place. Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the same world as Cyberpunk 2020, it takes place in Night City, a city where anyone can be whoever they want to be and where you can do anything you want.

There’s a lot to digest in this trailer so let’s get right into it.

Screenshot (46)

The opening shot of the trailer shows the map of Night City. This could very well much be the map that we’ll see in the final game when it releases someday.

Screenshot (47)

The next scene as our character is on the train shows us a section of Night City. The building there could be under construction.

Screenshot (48)

A good look at one of the main centres of Night City. Here we can see a flying car pass the camera while we see a good look at the NCPD building.

Screenshot (49)

The future is punk.

Screenshot (50)

The next scene shows us a character perhaps being interviewed for a job of some kind.

Screenshot (51)

The future is wonderful. In this scene, we can see a kid playing a game in VR while his parents are watching what seems like the news on a holographic television.

Screenshot (52)

Here we can see someone important getting out of her car while her bodyguards stand at attention. I wonder if this character will be a central figure in the storyline of Cyberpunk 2077.

Screenshot (53)

A darker side of Night City.

Screenshot (54)

A boxer training for his next fight. I wonder if this is a hint to extracircular activities that we’ll be able to do in Cyberpunk 2077. Like we can go to the gym and get our unarmed skill higher and go fight someone in the ring.

Screenshot (55)

Gun taxi.

Screenshot (56)

A woman applying eye liner. I wonder if this also a hint to customization for the female version of V, who is our playable character. I wonder if we’ll be able to not just only apply eye liner but also different types of eyebrows, eyes, skin tone, and much more.

Screenshot (57)

A good look at the male version of V and a good look at Night City.

Screenshot (58)

It’s a deal. We can see what appears to me as the Black Market accepting some kind of deal which involves this little robot.

Screenshot (59)

Red Carpet.

Screenshot (60)

I wonder if this is the female version of V that we can choose at the beginning of the game. Here we can see Female V taking cover from gunfire.

Screenshot (61)

Gas station robbery gone wrong.

Screenshot (62)

A good look at V’s car.

Screenshot (63)

Another good look at Male V.

Screenshot (64)

As V steps on the gas as he is being chased from the police, the camera pans out to a panorama shot of Night City. This city is truly large and we can get a sense of how big this world is.

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