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Letters from the Front

Death deal

At E3 2018, we received a brand new look at Battlefield V with a brand new trailer.

The brand new trailer shows off multiplayer on the Narvik map which I will have impressions of tomorrow since I received hands on both at EA Play and at E3 2018 this past week so I will have tons of new info about the map itself and how the game plays, I must say that is very good and that Battlefield V could be one of the best Battlefield games to date.

For now, let’s take a in-depth look at the Multiplayer trailer.

Screenshot (86)

Inside of the C-47. Getting ready to jump. Here we see British paratroopers and a British SOE agent inside a C-47 getting ready to jump into enemy held territory. Everything you see here is customization options for your soldier.

Screenshot (87)

Jumping from the C-47. Our friend goes first and we’re next.

Screenshot (88)

As we jump from the C-47, we can see the enemy is firing their AA guns at us trying to stop our invasion of Norway.

Screenshot (89)

The trailer now skips to the beginning as the C-47’s approach their landing desiginations to drop the paratroopers. We can see the port of Narvik in the distance.

Screenshot (90)

Not everything goes to plan as multiple C-47’s gets hit by AA Flak cannons and one goes down in a ball of flames.

Screenshot (91)

Our playable character is holding an Erma SMG with a aperture sight and witness that the plane that he jumped from is now crashing into a ball of flames.

Screenshot (92)

The next scene changes perspective to an Assault soldier holding the Sturmgeweher 44 which is the first Assault Rifle ever made, his teammates looks to be holding a Bren, another LMG which I can’t distinguish, and a sniper.

Screenshot (93)

Then it changes perspective to an enemy soldier holding a Walther P38 pistol and looking at a Churchill tank going through a house. The tank seems to be outfitted with camouflage.

Screenshot (94)

A good look at the fortification system which is a brand new mechanic within Battlefield V. The characters here are holding an Erma SMG, an MG34, and perhaps the female soldier is holding an MG42 while her teammate is on the AA cannon.

Screenshot (95)

The character here is holding a Kar98 with a scope while his teammate climbs through a window. This is a brand new mechanic within Battlefield V, not only can you jump and roll through windows but also climb through them.

Screenshot (96)

The soldier here is carrying a Maschinepistole 40 and a plane is flying over him. I can’t tell if that’s a British spitfire or a German Stuka plane. If anyone knows, let me know in the comments.

Screenshot (97)

A good look at the port of Narvik map.

Screenshot (98)

This is a new mechanic within Battlefield V. In Battlefield V, you won’t die right away as in previous games and you’ll go into a downed state where you can call for help. The good thing is that no longer can the medic revive you but any class that your friends are can also revive you, but you won’t be revived with full health unless you’re revived by a medic.

Screenshot (99)

A German Luftwaffe pilot searching for targets.

Screenshot (100)

The same pilot and his buddy has found a target and is chasing him above the skies. The pilot seems to be in a BF109.

Screenshot (101)

The German pilot and his friend has taken out the enemy plane. The enemy plane is either a Spitfire or a bomber.

Screenshot (102)

We now change perspectives to a campaign mission. This campaign mission is called Nordly’s War Story and it’s a deep and personal tale of a young lady fighting to free her country and save her family from the Germans in 1943.

Screenshot (103)

In the next scene, we can see a pair of skis. I wonder if we’ll be able to ski in this campaign mission while killing Germans, man that will be cool. Kill some Germans while skiing down a mountain or something, sign me up.

Screenshot (104)

A patrol looking for our protagonist. The man in the center is a German officer and maybe the soldiers are part of the SS sent to find our protagonist.

Screenshot (105)

Our main protagonist bidding farewell to someone in her family. I wonder if the person saying “I love you.” is her mother or sister. Maybe her mother.

Screenshot (106)

In this last scene, the German officer catches our main protagonist but he appears to be too late as her mom / sister throws her off the bridge and into the water. Assumingly, this person is captured by the German officer. Before she throws our protagonist into the water, the officer seems to be yelling “Judes!” which is German for Jew or Jews.


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