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Letters from the Front

Panzer SS

(At EA Play 2018 and E3 2018, I got hands on with Battlefield V and what follows is what I got hands on with at EA Play and at E3 2018. This was on the map called Narvik which takes place in Norway during the German invasion, the map was playable on Grand Operations. See you tomorrow!)

Operations returns from Battlefield 1 in which they made their debut. Operations within Battlefield 1 mimicked combat from World War I and revolved around the large-scale battles of World War I like the American assault in the Meuse Argonne or the Battle of Amiens but in World War II,things were different like combat and the usage of Airborne troops which replaced the concept of Shock troops from World War I. World War II was a completely different conflict to that of The Great War and Operations has evolved to mimic that change and mimic the iconic and unknown battles of World War II.

At EA Play 2018 and at E3  2018, I received hands on with Battlefield V’s Operations mode which has now been renamed to “Grand Operations.” and has gone through an extensive redesign from its Battlefield 1 counterpart. Within Battlefield 1, Operations is a sector by sector game mode that retells the battles of World War I and here in Battlefield V, that core concept hasn’t changed but it’s been extensively redesigned to mimic real combat through different days. For example, Day 1 will see you drop from a plane according to the operation that you play and you’ll have to destroy the enemy flak cannons to progress and depending on your actions of the day prior, day 2 can have an impact on your team.

When I went into the demo, I thought I was going to get another Battlefield 1 but in a World War II setting but I didn’t get that. Instead, I received a sneak peek at a game that could be one of the best games in the franchise. This game has a lot of potential to be something great.

The number of gameplay changes in the build I played on the Narvik map is staggering. One change I noticed is that your health will no longer regenerate past a certain point without a medic or first aid kit, ammo pouches are drastically reserved; this means you’ll no longer spawn in with a boatload of ammo, anyone can now revive you and enemies are no longer marked by your spotting of them. Gone are the days of shooting at a Dorito enemy, hitting the spot button now tags the enemies’ last known position which is not only helpful to you but for your teammates and friendly armor. The spot button is useless for mere infantry on the move.

These changes are something that I agree with. I don’t think these changes will be controversial as these changes bring Battlefield back to what it’s been known for since it’s inception in 2002: A skillful and hardcore multiplayer shooter. The end result of these changes brings Battlefield back to what’s been known for and it ends up a being more realistic and visceral Battlefield experience that rewards not only teamwork but also rewards skill. When I was playing the demo, I was the team medic which wielded the Karabiner 43 or otherwise commonly known as the Gewehr 43 that was attached with a scope. My time spent with this weapon was a much more dynamic experience then in Battlefield 1, I was constantly running out of ammo and using my secondary handgun to finish off enemies and picking up their pouches of ammo.



This time around, it’s not safe to go alone although that is an option but the game tells you it’s much better to hop into a squad and rely on your squad like in the days of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. The reliance on your team is more emphasized this time around but as a result your squad is more vulnerable too. There’s a shorter window to revive your pal and it now comes with a lengthy animation, though the animation speeds up if you’re the team medic. Also, it seems that are more variance in class specific weapons. For example, the medic is capable of using the German Gewehr rifle and the American Grease Gun SMG which typically falls into the Assault class if this was Battlefield 1.

The biggest change that’s coming to Battlefield V is archetypes. Archetypes are specializations for your favorite classes that offer different weapons, gadgets, stats, specializations, and much more. For example, one archetype allows you to use the MG34 or the MG42. Archetypes aim to redefine the traditional classes that we all are used to by now in the Battlefield games and I think these are great additions which change-up the classes.

My impressions of the game at this current stage was a good one. The game itself is very good and it’s the type of game that we come to expect from DICE but in a way it’s a very different type of Battlefield which could be one of the best Battlefield games in recent memory.

I’m feeling good about this new Battlefield and I’m excited to get my hands on with the beta later this summer. Stay tuned for that whenever we get closer. Tomorrow, get my impressions of Grand Operations.







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