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Letters from the Front


( Editor’s note: Thanks to EA for providing me a closed alpha key for Battlefield V. There is no restrictions on how much footage or written content I can provide. Just to note that everything written here is subject to change.)

( This round was played on Conquest.)

Starting in 1939, the Allies began to view the northern region of Europe as a potential front if war would break out. The British and their Allies believed that another World War would be repetition of The Great War, 24 years prior. Therefore, the British set a plan in motion for a blockade to weaken Germany since the German industry relied on iron ore being delivered from northern Sweden that was being shipped from the Port of Narvik in the winter months. If the British managed to get a hold of the Norwegian coastline then they would be able to tighten up the blockade against Germany.

By 1940, things had drastically changed. The German Army now looked towards the west as Poland had been conquered and Denmark laid as a strategic point as the Germans could use Denmark as a staging area for the Invasion of Norway alongside that Denmark itself was crucial for shipping and naval access to German and Soviet ports. In April 1940, the Germans swept through Denmark and it would be occupied within six hours of the initial start of the invasion and the German Army marched on to Norway.

By the end of the Norwegian campaign, the Germans had recaptured the port of Narvik which would later be used for their U-Boat pens and the Allies retreated from Norway as France fell and the dramatic events at Dunkirk unfolded.


Last Stand2

The town of Narvik is located on the shores of the Ofotfjord which is located in the Norwegian sea, about 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle and it became a heavy point of contention in the Norwegian campaign of 1940. Narvik is linked by a railroad to Sweden which made it vitally important to both the British and the Germans as Narvik is the gateway to the ore fields in northern Sweden which the Germans needed for the war effort, whoever controlled the port, controlled the resources so the town became a vital point for both sides.

In the Closed Alpha, the map of Narvik is available to play which was the same map that I played at E3 2018 and at EA Play. I played Narvik on Conquest which is the traditional Battlefield game mode where you capture the flags and hold them in order to win the match. Conquest, this time around has returned to classic Conquest where the majority rule wins and where the score goes down instead of up like how Conquest was in Battlefield 1.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been playing the Battlefield V Closed Alpha. In the Closed Alpha, it was the same exact build that I played at EA Play and at E3 but with a few different changes and tweaks.

The first thing I noticed was that the game feels a lot more smoother now that I had more hours to play it. It feels a lot closer to the older games like Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 than Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 had a lot of weight to it, it felt meaty and heavy but Battlefield V doesn’t feel like that. The movement system is slower, the TTK is faster, and the weapons don’t kick as much as the weapons of World War I did and the end result is much better and it’s more harrowing and tense then Battlefield 1. You’re left with almost no ammo and your health doesn’t regenerate as much as it did in previous games meaning that you have to stand next to a medic much of the time now.

Also, the biggest change is you can’t spot enemies as much as you did in previous games. You’ll still be able to spot enemies from a distance but instead of having a marker over their head, their location will now be seen by you and your team. Combine this with the lack of ammo and you get one of the best Battlefield games in quite a while, a game that’s more hardcore and more skillful which I already explained in the E3 article (which you can read here .)

After playing a few more games, I came away super impressed then I was already after getting hands on with it at E3 2018. Stay tuned tomorrow for what I liked and disliked about the Closed Alpha. Here is some footage from numerous Youtubers:





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