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Letters from the Front

Last Stand2

( Thanks to EA for providing me an alpha key for the closed alpha for Battlefield V. There is no restrictions on how much footage or written content I can provide. Just to note that everything written here is subject to change.)

For the last couple of days, I’ve been playing the Battlefield V closed alpha which is the same exact build as the build I played at E3 but with a few tweaks and changes. In the Closed Alpha, the Narvik map is playable which takes place in April 1940 before the dramatic events that led to the evacuation of Dunkirk and the subsequent collapse of the French government after the Fall of France the following month.

As the Closed Alpha comes to a close tomorrow, I thought I would make a list of the features that I liked and disliked. Let’s get right into it, I’m going to start on the features that I disliked.

Snow Effects / Weather System


The weather system makes its return from Battlefield 1 where the weather would change the outcome of the fight that you were participating in. The weather system in Battlefield V now includes snow storms as you’re fighting across maps that have snow in them and I must say that the snow on Narvik is way too much even though it was toned down from what I played at E3.

I think DICE needs to go back to the drawing board on this one and tone it down a notch because the effects are so heavy and up in your face that you tend to lose the target or targets you were aiming at.

Limited Ammo


Just to be clear, I like the attrition system and the lack of ammo you recieve but there is a few issues that I have with the limited ammo feature.

I think DICE needs to up the ammo count when you spawn in because I found myself running out of ammo way too often when I was engaged in a firefight. For example, the Assault class starts with 2 mags and this allows little flexiblity on your end and by the end of a few firefights, your weapon is dry. However, you have the option to top off your ammo supply with the help of the support class but even then, you can carry 3 mags up to 60 or 90 rounds in those magazines.

I think it’s best if DICE goes back to the drawing board on this and up your magazines from 2 to 3 when you spawn in and see how that goes.  I would like to have more ammo when I spawn in so after engaging in a few firefights, I don’t run of ammo so quickly.

Down but not out state  / Parrot cam

Death deal

I like the new revive system but I have a few issues with it.

The main problem for me when it comes to the new revive system is that it takes a while for someone to come get you and most of the time nobody really comes and revives you so I’m thinking that maybe there should be a button for you to skip the revive and allow you to go back to the spawn screen or at least shorten the time for you to bleed out instead of just looking at your screen.

Also, another issue I have is with the parrot cam and not offering you to switch loadouts or change your class as you’re watching your teammate. It would be nice if the parrot cam allowed you to change classes or weapons so you can hop back into the fight quicker than just simply going back to the spawn screen and changing whatever you need to change that way.

Limited Ammo / Attrition system


Besides the downside of the limited ammo system, I actually like the limited ammo feature and the attrition system.

I think that these two systems allow for more of a tense gameplay scenerio where you have to quickly react to what’s going on around you and have to think cautiously like do what I want to engage that enemy or go back and get ammo? Or how much medic pouches do I have left, do I want to heal myself or my teammate who is at a much lower health then I am? I think these new systems allow you to think more tactically and allow you to think while on the move as the game is incredibly fast paced.

Fast TTK


The new TTK can be controversial for some people but for me, I like the new TTK.

For anyone who is new to the Battlefield games, you will be surprised how fast the time to drop someone is as opposed to Battlefield 1. However, if you’re a veteran like I am then you’ll be pleased on how familiar the TTK is in Battlefield V.  Some say that the TTK offers something realistic and emphasizes that you have to be quick and stay sharp or else you’re going to get hit by the enemy that you were looking for.

I, on the other hand, believe all of this and I always believed that the TTK in the Battlefield franchise should always be fast because of the sheer pace and size of the games. I love that Battlefield V is returning to the fast paced nature of previous games like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

More focus on teamwork


Battlefield 1 was void of any teamwork mechanics despite being revolved around teamwork play, nobody really did much as the game focused on you most of the time instead of the squad or the team as a whole.

Thanks to the attrition system and thanks to the low ammo count alongside the new squad-centric point system where you can call in a V1 Rocket or a Sturmtiger into the fight, you and your squad matters more now than it ever did during the Battlefield 1 days. All of this makes the gameplay return to the BF4 days where your squad mattered with the squad points that you required.

This game is heavy on squad-play and teamwork mechanics, it returns to being what the franchise has always been known for prior to BF1.

                                          *  *  *

Anyways, that is what I liked and disliked about the Battlefield V Closed Alpha. Stay tuned for more on Battlefield V whenever the beta releases later on this summer.







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