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Letters from the Front



At E3 2018 and this past weekend, I received hands on with the latest Battlefield game which relieved some of my concerns after the reveal trailer launched late last month. The gameplay demo left me craving for more and after receiving more news on it, I think this game might improve EA’s reputation but is it enough to actually forgive them?

I believe Battlefield V seems to be going in the right direction for EA, here is a few reasons why I think it can improve EA’s reputation but when it comes to actually forgiving them, we’ll see once the game releases.

Customization returns


Unlike previous entries with the exception of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 which offered limited customization, Battlefield V is offering mind-blowing customization for both the Allies and the Axis forces. You can customize your soldier’s look to the tools they’ll be using to wage war across the battlefields of Europe.

Your soldier’s gender, skin tone, helmet styles, and clothing will all be customizable from the very beginning. Weapons will also be customizable, something that was highly missed in Battlefield 1 and all the weapon customization will be modular: Stocks, sights, barrels, and more. Going further, vehicles will also be customizable: you’ll be able to make the tank your own like you can add sandbags, tree trunks, graffiti, leaves, and much more.

Customization hasn’t always been a feature of the Battlefield games since the character models were a preset and the customization options were also some kind of preset but an in-depth system like this hasn’t been seen ever in the franchise so it’s a good thing that we’ll get more of an option this time around.

Removal of Premium Pass

Death deal

Premium Pass has been a thing in the Battlefield games since Battlefield 3 in 2011, Premium Pass is the Battlefield equivalent of a season pass which offers not only expansions but new content like weapon drops or new vehicles, however, Battlefield V removes the Premium Pass for a Live Service similar to Battlefront II.

The reason why Battlefield V no longer has the Premium Pass is that Battlefield 1 was handled in such a way that it left a lot to be desired. The time between expansions for Battlefield 1 was a long time and the playerbase started to move away because it was a such long wait between expansions and once the expansions actually released, it split the playerbase in half and it became a situation of the haves and the have-nots so to not implant the Premium Pass in this Battlefield installment is a pretty good thing, I just hope it doesn’t lead to another Battlefront style backlash.

Removal of Battlepacks


Ever since Battlefield 4, the franchise always has had Battlepacks as a form of monetization and it reached its peak with Battlefield 1.

After the fuckup that was Battlefront II, many fans including myself were concerned that EA wouldn’t continue to listen and keep implementing them into the future games like Battlefield, Battlefront III, and Anthem but they’re not. EA is acting and listening to the feedback.

Instead of opening a battlepack and hope you get something that you wanted, you’ll be able to get what you want through Premium currency, real currency, and through multiplayer unlocks. It sounds like what videogames should be, you get something just through playing the game or purchasing directly what you want instead of going through multiple loops like lootboxes and hoping you get something cool.

I think this is a good route for EA, let’s hope they continue on this path so they can improve their reputation and improve their standing with gamers. Stay tuned for more when the beta releases later this summer.





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