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Letters from the Front


Much like World War I, World War II pushed technology further than ever before. Some of the technology that was used during the war was created during the interwar period as lessons learned during World War I, while others were developed while the war was ongoing or already came to an end. Compared to World War I, World War II had the greatest effect on technology and devices that are used today: Full automatic weapons now became available wide-spread as opposed to World War I where automatic weapons were limited, aircraft now used jet and single-engines as compared to biplanes during World War I, the cruise missile was developed during the war with the introduction of the V-1 and V-2 rockets, and much more influenced technology as time went on.

Weapon technology advanced progressively in the interwar period and during the war, at the beginning of World War II, armies utilized technology that had barely changed from World War I but as the years progressed, weapon technology advanced and many different weapon systems evolved during the course of the war.

Battlefield V will include some of the most iconic weaponry of the Second World War such as the Sturmgewehr 44 and the Thompson but it also has the potential to bring some of the unknown weapons of the era that has been buried in history. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the unknown weapons that have been buried in the time since the end of World War II.

Let’s begin.

The Grease Gun


Let’s begin with one of my favorite weapons which is the M3 Grease Gun.

The M3 Grease Gun was designed to replace the Thompson and entered service in the middle of 1944 but due to delays caused by production issues and approved changes, the Grease Gun saw limited use during the war but it saw usage once again in the Korean War and in Vietnam.

The M3 was an automatic, air-cooled blowback operated weapon that fired from an open bolt and it had a 30 round magazine which was the primary source of complaints from American soldiers that used it as it was difficult to load and was easily jammed by mud, dirt, and dust than the Thompson magazine. Plastic dust cups would be later given to soldiers to cover the feed end of the magazine and keep dust out. In December 1944, a new updated version of the M3 released was introduced into service with all parts outside of the bolt, housing assembly, and receiver interchangeable with those of the original. I really hope DICE adds this is as I think it would be a nice change of pace if you don’t want to use the Thompson.

M50 Reising


The M50 Reising SMG was designed in 1940 and were used by the American forces operating in the Pacific Theater; the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the Coast Guard all used the weapon while the Canadians and Soviets amongst other Allied forces used it limitedly in the European theater against the Germans.

The M50 Reising was an innovate submachinegun for its time as it stood out of the pack as it possessed better accuracy, excellent balance, was lightweight as compared to the famous Thompson, plus it was much cheaper to develop the weapon but it had poor combat performance which forever tainted the weapon.

The Reising was made in selective-fire variants that could be switched from semi-auto to automatic as needed but the semi-auto variant would be used for marksmanship challenges and police and guard use while the automatic version was given to the United States military and it entered service with the US Marine Corps in 1941 with the first combat test on Guadalcanal. I think DICE should add this weapon as it would be a nice variety from the Grease Gun and the Thompson, you could use it in semi-auto for those long range kills and switch it over to automatic for CQC.

The Liberator

The Liberator is an unusual weapon but it would be the perfect humiliation weapon to use against your foes in Battlefield V’s multiplayer component.

The Liberator was a crude, single-shot weapon designed to be quickly mass produced and due to the single-shot nature of the weapon, it was intended to be used up and close rather than far away, a distance of 1–4 yards as its maximum range was 25 yards. The weapon was used in assassinations, stealth operations, and other missions undertaken by Resistance forces in German-occupied countries.

I would like to see this weapon in Battlefield V for no other reason but to humiliate my enemies. This weapon could really be the Kolibri of Battlefield V.

The Lanchester no.5


Following the Dunkirk evacuation, the RAF decided they needed a weapon for airfield defense. With no time left for research and development, it was decided to create an almost direct copy of the German MP-28. The Admiralty decided to join in with the RAF in adopting this direct copy with the Royal Navy ultimately taking the weapon into service.

The MP28 is a confirmed weapon within Battlefield V so this might be a problem given that the weapon is almost a direct copy of the German original weapon but with a few differences as a change in ammo, adjustable rifle type sights, and other features. I think it would be cool to see this weapon and compare it to the MP28.

The Sterling


In 1944, the British General Staff issued a specification for a new weapon. It stated that the weapon should weigh no more than six pounds, should fire Parabellum ammunition, have a fire rate of no more than 500 rounds per minute and be accurate to a degree and so a new weapon was born, the Sterling SMG.

The Sterling SMG was given to British paratroopers and Commandos in their raids against Germany throughout 1944. This weapon was used in Operation Infatuate which was an operation to open up the port of Antwerp to Allied shipping and relieve the Allies problem of logistics which they had been suffering from since Operation Overlord and the Allied breakout across France.

I think this weapon is a nice standout from the other weapons like the Thompson and other SMGs that will be in Battlefield V. It looks cool, sleek, and unique and could be a nice standout on the battlefield.

The De Lisle Carbine

De Lisle

These next weapons you will see was born in the shadows of covert operations undertaken by Resistance forces in occupied countries and British Commandos undertaking secret raids in Fortress Europe.

The De Lisle Carbine is one such weapon and it is possibly one of the quietest weapons ever made. The weapon was designed as a private venture by William Godfray de Lisle, an engineer. In testing, the De Lisle Carbine was found to be comparable to the Welrod Pistol and it was requested by Combined Operations.

During the remainder of the Second World War, the De Lisle Carbine would be used by British Commandos secretly operating in Europe with some members of the SOE using it as well as some American Jedburgh teams dropping into occupied France to help French Resistance against the Germans.

I’m not sure how DICE could handle this weapon as it would be considered overpowered as it is a silenced weapon. Maybe DICE could tinker with it a bit to not make it so overpowered.

The Welrod


Much like the De Lisle Carbine, the Welrod was born in the shadows of covert operations and was used by the British SOE, the American OSS and Resistance forces in occupied countries.

The Welrod is a silenced handgun, best used in covert operations or assassinations, the weapon was used in Denmark and Western Europe by multiple factions helping to free their country from German occupation as well as in Operation Gladio which was a codename for a secret NATO operation in Europe during the Cold War.

Much like the Liberator, I think this weapon would be a unique standout on the battlefield and would be a nice weapon to see in the game as the SOE is a thing in the game with the inclusion of female soldiers.

The Welgun


Many items developed by Station IX in Welwyn Garden City for the British SOE adopted the Wel prefix. Unlike the Welrod Pistol, the Welgun is a prototype SMG intended to be used by Resistance forces in German-occupied countries and Special Forces but it was never adopted despite the weapon performed well in trials; the Sten MK. IV was chosen to be used over the Welgun.

The features are interesting as it includes a folding stock and a lack of cocking chamber, it fired from 30 round magazine at a rate of 500 rounds per minute. Much like some other weapons, this would be a nice standout and would be a nice callback to Battlefield 1 which included prototype weapons.

The OSS Glove Gun

Fist (2)

The Sedgley OSS .38 Fist Gun was a firearm developed for use by American OSS agents as a weapon for covert operations and assassinations in the Pacific Theater. The glove gun was a single shot, break action, .38 special pistol and was mounted on the back of a cowhide glove and the gun would be worn with a long-sleeved coat to hide the weapon. Only 52 to 100 of these were believed to be produced but there are no records to show that this unique weapon was used by OSS agents operating in either the Pacific or the European theater of war.

Much like the Liberator, I think this could be used as a potential humiliation weapon to be used against your foes once you enter CQC or as a melee weapon. It would be kind of funny to get a one-hit kill using this weapon, DICE PLS.

And that is the 10 unique weapons of World War II that DICE could add in Battlefield V. I would like to see some of these weapons added in Battlefield V, especially the Glove Gun as it would be a hilarious thing to witness in-game.

( Thanks to JusticeJoker for his screenshots of the Battlefield V Closed Alpha.) 

                                              * * *









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