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Letters from the Front


We’re headed back to World War II in Battlefield V, the latest installment in the franchise which is releasing this October. I assume that there will be a lot of crossovers with the battles that we will see as the Tides of War Live Service keeps rotating to give us a full journey of World War II.

Back in 2003, a year after the release of 1942, there was an expansion pack titled “Secret Weapons of World War II.” that saw release which added new maps, new vehicles, and new ways to play the game such as a Jetpack or prototype aircraft that were in production but never used during the war. DICE has always given the player base new ways to play the game, this was apparent in Battlefield 1. In Battlefield 1, there were weapons that never saw usage during the course of World War I like the Hellriegal or the Thompson M1919 SMG so I wanted to take a look at the Secret Weapons of World War II that never saw usage during the course of the war and speculate on what we could see in the game.

I didn’t plan on doing another weapons list but here we are. Anyways, let’s delve into it. Here are 10 weapons, vehicles, and attachments that DICE could use in Battlefield V.

Zielgerät 1229


The Vampir was an infrared device for the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle when it entered service with the Wehrmacht. It was intended to be used for night combat, this scope is the first design of what we know call night vision.

It weighed 5 pounds and needed a backpack to power the flashlight that the soldier would have strapped to his back. The gear saw usage in 1945 and 310 units were sent to German soldiers fighting on the Eastern front and similar gear to the Vampir was outfitted to the MG42 and MG34 LMGs.

This device is absolutely insane and I would really like it to see incorporated in Battlefield V, we know that there are night maps within the game so this attachment would come in handy. DICE PLS.

The Goliath Tracked Mine


The Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath was a name given to two unmanned ground vehicles which were disposable demolition vehicles, designed to destroy vehicles or disrupt allied formations.

They were employed by the Wehrmacht in the early stages of World War II and they carried up to 100 kilograms of high explosives. They were used on all fronts that Germany fought in starting in 1942 and they were used primarily by specialized Panzer units and combat engineer units. One of these were used at Anzio and against the Polish Homeguard during the Warsaw Uprising. This technology would later lay the foundation of remote-controlled vehicles as the 20th century progressed.

I could totally see this working as a gadget of some kind where you pull out some kind of device and control these tiny vehicles to wipe out a squad or something like that. This would be interesting to see in the game.

Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus


The Panzerkampfwagen VIII was a super heavy tank completed in 1944, it is the heaviest armored vehicle ever produced in modern military history. Five were ordered, but only two were completed before the testing grounds were captured by the advancing Red Army.

Today, the working prototypes were studied and remain in the Kummersdorf, an estate near Luckenwalde.

This armored vehicle would be fun to use in the game and could be a powerful armored vehicle to scare the enemy team.

The M2 Hyde


The M2 Hyde was a prototype SMG designed to replace the Thompson, in testing it was found that the weapon was superior to the Thompson in mud and dirt tests and its accuracy was better than the Thompson or any SMG of the era. An improved variant was designated as  U.S. Submachine gun, Caliber .45, M2 as a substitute for the Thompson. It was never adopted as the order for the weapons were canceled as the M3 Grease Gun was adopted and entered service with the US Armed Forces.

I think this weapon would offer versatility and a nice option for those that want to use something else in the game plus it looks unique.

Type 4 rifle


During World War II, the Japanese relied on weapons from World War I like the Arisaka and other bolt action rifles. However, as the war in the Pacific progressed and American soldiers started to breach the Japanese homeland, weapons became scarce. By 1944, the United States had replaced all of their bolt-action rifles with the M1 Garand and other modern weaponry like the Browning Automatic Rifle and the M1919 Browning. At the same time, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union replaced their own weaponry with modern weapons of the era like the Gewehr 43 and the SVT 40 so this pressured Japan to find a quick way to replace the Ariska with modern weaponry.

The Type 4 rifle was a copy of the American M1 Garand, just reverse-engineered and discarded the en-bloc clip of the M1 Garand replacing it with a fixed magazine of 10 rounds. It never saw use during the war as the war in the Pacific came to an end in August 1945.

Luckily, this weapon has already been featured in previous games as the Type 5 in Bad Company 2 and in the 2009 spin-off game Battlefield 1943. It is unknown if the Japanese Empire and the Pacific theater will be featured in Battlefield V as it is assumed that DICE will focus on the battles fought against the Germans. If they decide to add the Japanese Empire and the Pacific theater through the Tides of War live service, I hope they add this weapon in as it is a unique weapon and a secret weapon of World War II.

AVS-36 rifle

AVS 36

The AVS-36 was an automatic rifle used by the Soviet Union during the Winter War and World War II, it was among the early rifles to be tested by the Red Army.

Once in service, it was quickly found out that it didn’t perform well and that the operating mechanism was overcomplicated and made worse by the fact that dirt could easily get inside the weapon also that the weapon was very particular about ammunition quality. Production of the weapon ceased in 1938 however the rifle saw usage during the Battles for Khalkhin Gol in Mongolia during the Soviet-Japanese border conflicts in 1939 and during the Winter War in Finland and the weapon saw brief usage during the course of World War II.

The Soviet Union is expected to be in the 1941 phase of Battlefield V’s live service as the live service will take us on a journey through World War II as it happened; this phase is expected to be in the game 4 to 6 months after the launch of the base game which is set in 1940. I hope to see this gun added in Battlefield V as it does look unique and can be a good fit for the Medic class.

EMP 44


The EMP44 was a prototype, all-metal crude SMG produced in 1943 and it was rejected by the Waffenamt which was the German Army Weapons Agency.

The gun was crude as it was assembled with a stock made out of pipes and it was created in response to other weapons of this nature like the British Sten. The EMP 44 was rejected because it failed multiple tests but mainly it was rejected because new weapons the Sturmgewehr 44 were already produced to replace the early World War II weapons like the Kar98 and the MP40.

I would like to see this gun in the game due to how weird it looks. I think it would be a standout from the rest of the guns in the SMG category.

Model 45.A

Model 45.jpg

This weapon is a complete mystery for a couple of reasons. In fact, there is no recorded usage of the weapon and there are no records showing that it was an actual weapon. It only appears in photos taken by an Army Signal Corps photographer.

It includes some few unique design choices like an integrated scope and a bullpup design. Key features of the weapon like the magazine size and the rate of fire is a complete mystery however it was supposed to fire rifle grenades. If DICE chose to recreate it in Battlefield V, they would have a field day with balancing it as most of the weapon’s features are unknown and this wouldn’t be the first time that DICE would recreate an unknown weapon as the Hellriegal 1915 was featured in Battlefield 1.

Nothing survives of this weapon outside of a few photographs which lead to many people thinking that it was just a mockup. The obscure nature of the weapon makes it a perfect fit for the game as it is a secret weapon of World War II. I hope DICE adds this is in the base game or an expansion pack later down the line during the game’s lifecycle.

Sturmgewehr 45

STG 45


The STG45 was a prototype assault rifle designed to replace the STG44 because the STG44 was difficult to produce and rather expensive. Only 30 assault rifles were completed before Germany surrendered, this gun is rather unique as it has an elevated iron sights line and it looks sleeker than its original counterpart.

The gun was finally completed in 1950 but was renamed as the CAEM Modèle 1950 but due to economic restraints as France was fighting a war in Indochina, the weapon was canceled and never saw usage. The weapon would again be renamed and this time used in West Germany as the famous Heckler & Koch G3.

I would like to see this weapon in Battlefield V as it is the counterpart to the STG44 which is already in the game and it would be nice to compare the two weapons.

United Defense M42


The M42 was designed in 1940 and entered service in 1942 with Resistance forces in occupied Europe. The UD M42 was originally designed to replace the Thompson which the US Army considered it to be expensive and complicated to produce. The weapon was both made in 9 Parabellum and .45 ACP prototypes, the 9 Parabellum prototype was the only version of the weapon to see widespread production and usage by Resistance forces. The weapon failed to replace the Thompson but proved effective.

The M42 featured a box magazine and a foregrip and could be fired in automatic or semi-automatic making it a perfect weapon for long-range combat across the maps in Battlefield V.



Despite everyone knowing this weapon from the modern era and from the Cold War, this weapon was actually designed and was worked on in 1943, the weapon didn’t make the list as the Degtyaryov LMG was superior and entered service with the Soviet Union. At the end of World War II, the weapon was ready to be mass produced but a large-scale delivery of the weapon did not begin until 1953. The weapon is best recognized as a weapon of the Cold War as it was used in Vietnam by the VC and today the weapon is used in the Middle East and Africa.

I would like to see this weapon in Battlefield V as it is an iconic weapon now recognized for being in modern military shooters and used in modern military conflicts but this weapon is ultimately a World War II-era LMG that ended up being scrapped. To be honest, I would like to use it again in a videogame since its been a while since this gun has been featured in any videogame as of late.

( Thanks to JusticeJoker for his screenshots of the Battlefield V closed alpha.) 

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