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Letters from the Front


With Gamescom being a week away, I think it is time to return to Battlefield V and discuss what we can see from DICE at Gamescom. 2 years ago, Battlefield 1 got the spotlight it deserved with DICE going into detail, showing a 64 player match on the Sinai Desert map which would later be the map that was accessed during the beta for that game. We learned a lot more about Battlefield 1 and it would be a great choice to do that again for Battlefield V.

The Closed Alpha for Battlefield V was a good experience and a good representation of the game, but it left a lot out due in part that some of the features weren’t really ready for primetime. However, I am a bit concerned about Battlefield V at the moment, thanks in due part to the shitshow that the marketing campaign is turning out. Here are 6 things I would like to see from Battlefield V at Gamescom.

A proper look at Gameplay


Gamescom is really the last chance that DICE has to show Battlefield V off to the world before the beta begins and the launch of the game in October. It’s really important that we see a good chunk of the game being shown off at Gamescom and preferably on a new map since we have seen a lot of the Narvik map.

I have some severe issues when it comes to this game’s marketing campaign. It’s honestly a complete shitshow and it’s not really representative of the game, EA DICE seems to be playing it safe this time around for whatever reason, leaving the main chunk of information to the big Youtubers and the press and choosing to not running with livestreams and good trailers. I’m not really sure what’s going on with their marketing campaign but they need to change that asap for Gamescom.

Gamescom is the last chance for everyone to take a peek at your game and if you don’t do it properly then something wrong may happen at the launch. The game is already getting flak because of political correctness and DICE devs being rude to their fans over this decision, not only is it getting flak from political correctness but its also being boycotted. I think the right choice here is to give us the meat and potatoes and just pitch us Battlefield V and pitch us what this game really is and maybe some of the flak will stop.

I think if they don’t do the right thing here that this game will fail and be a flop for EA and DICE.

A New Map


When it comes to a new map being shown, I would like to see something completely different from Narvik which we have seen plenty of and it was the first map to be revealed.

We know that the multiplayer base game begins 8 months after the German invasion of Poland in the year 1940 and will revolve around the early campaigns of World War II like the Fall of France, the Rotterdam Blitz, and the early North African campaigns of 1940. We know that we will do battle across northern France, Rotterdam, Africa, Norway, and around Dunkirk since it was hinted at in a blog post. There’s plenty to choose from.

Personally, I would like to see the French map being shown off and the Battle of France since it will be a nice contrast to what we got during Battlefield 1’s beta back in 2016 and a nice change of pace from a desert landscape.

Expand on Progression and the Tides of War Live Service


I would like to see EA DICE expand on the progression for Battlefield V. Progression in Battlefield 1 was barely non-existent which drove most of the playerbase away as there wasn’t really a clear progression line, to begin with, it wasn’t until much later that you felt like you were progressing. After every patch, we started to see more progression being added to the game; we received a community tracker, perks and specializations in In The Name of the Tsar expansion, and more recently, the Road to BFV community missions that you can complete for in-game rewards once Battlefield V releases later this year. DICE has already said that progression has been revamped in Battlefield V, progression comes in the form of the Company, which is a set of customizable soldiers and customizable gear that travels with you outside of the singleplayer campaign. It would be nice to get a better look at progression since we really don’t know much outside of the Company.

As for the Tides of War live service, I would like to know more and see this expand. We know that Tides of War will take us on a journey throughout World War II as it happened; the base game begins in 1940 and we will see this expand as the Live Service begins after launch.  But how will it exactly work and what are the details for this? How will the expansions work? Will there even be expansions or will there be seasons like a 1944 season that introduces us to D-Day and Operation Market Garden? There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered there and I think it’s a good time to answer some of these questions at Gamescom.

Community Tools?


By Community Tools, I mean Rent a Server program, RSVP, and other tools that give the community the tools they need to shape their experiences as they play the game. When it came to Battlefield 1, the community tools like Rent a Server was a complete disaster and some of the playerbase went back to Battlefield 4 because it offered more in terms of community tools.

Personally, I don’t have high hopes when it comes to this particular area when it comes to Battlefield V as Battlefield 1’s community tools was a disaster. DICE is taking control back from third-party sources, a good example of this is Grand Operations, the mode that returns from Battlefield 1. Grand Operations as an experience is being handled by DICE themselves and will be changed regularly to offer new and fresh experiences: For example, you may not start the match dropping from a plane but instead on a boat headed towards a beach and disembarking.  I think the best option here is grant us full control of a server that is outside of Grand Operations since DICE wants to keep us away from that.

I know a lot of players who fled from Battlefield 1 because the community tools weren’t really there and DICE must have heard the feedback from Battlefield 1 so I think its best to give us full control of the servers we rent again. Battlefield 4 gave them the option to run their community the way they see fit so its best to give us that option again for Battlefield V.

A good trailer, please.


Just give us a good trailer, please. Like seriously.

Before Battlefield V’s reveal, the trailers for each Battlefield game were amazing and frankly were better trailers than most of the trailers for other games. Battlefield V’s reveal didn’t do the game any justice and it hurt the game more than it helped the game, the trailer that was shown off at E3 2018 helped the game and stop some of the bleeding but this is where they really need to stop the bleeding and do the game some justice with a great and amazing trailer.

Gamescom is the place to push all of that away and give us a good trailer that all Military genre fans and gamers alike can appreciate and be stunned by. The marketing campaign so far has been a complete shitshow with the marketing not helping the game at all, this is the perfect time to show us what Battlefield V really is.

That’s a lot to expect from Gamescom but I really want this game to succeed and see it thrive in the way Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 to an extent did without a big loss of player base as what happened with Battlefront II. We haven’t really gotten the same level of detail that we have gotten in previous titles, it’s time to open up the gates and pitch us Battlefield V properly. Show us what the game is really about and pitch us what’s the jist of it. It’s time to do things the proper way so this game can really succeed; I think this game could honestly be the best in the franchise since Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 given if they do things right.

                                                              * * *

( Thanks to LapisRadzuli, JusticeJoker, and Supremex11 for their screenshots of the Battlefield V Closed Alpha.) 






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