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Letters from the Front


Earlier today, the Battlefield Twitter account dropped a teaser trailer for the “Devastation of Rotterdam.” trailer which is dropping early in the morning tomorrow. This is great news as it seems like that the marketing campaign for Battlefield V has been sleeping and completely missing every chance they get to show off the game, today seems like that has changed or so I hope.

The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of the urban map titled “Rotterdam.” which takes place during the Rotterdam Blitz which was the aerial bombardment of the city by the Luftwaffe in May 1940 during the German invasion of the Low Countries which included the Netherlands. The bombing raid completely destroyed the city and forced the Dutch government to surrender to the invading Germans.

Today, we’ll break down the teaser with breaking down the full trailer tomorrow. Come back tomorrow for the full thing!

Screenshot (113)

Here we can see the turret of a Tiger tank.

Screenshot (115)

The next shot pans out to reveal the Tiger tank with its commander sitting on top looking for targets with the German soldier standing there. The Tiger looks to have a metallic or silver camo on which is probably a customization option for the tank.

Screenshot (117)

The Tiger fires and the shot blows some British soldiers up. Here, we can see that the female soldier has been blown up by the shot and she seems to be carrying the Sturmgewehr 44 with her teammate taking cover.

Screenshot (118)

The next shot seems to be taking place in a desert or a beach maybe, possibly alluding to Dunkirk? This shot and the next shot probably takes place in the African desert during the West African campaign of 1940.

Screenshot (119)

The next shot is of the same tank getting some air as it falls back down and continues rolling. The tank has a nice camo, and the soldier next to it is sporting the Sturmgewehr 44.

Screenshot (121)

This probably is my favorite shot in the teaser trailer. We can see that the British are en retreat and a soldier seems to be reviving his teammate. Taking a closer look, we can see that the soldier reviving his pal is sporting the Sten and the soldier in the center is sporting the Thompson. Maybe the Cafe can be used as a defensive spot of some kind on the map.

Screenshot (122)

Here we can see a British female SOE Operative vaulting over some cover. She is sporting a scar on her forehead and some facepaint with a very cool-looking trench coat. This probably is one of my biggest gripes with the game as the British faction all look like a rag-tag group of Resistance fighters than soldiers but hopefully, we can have some authentic-era uniforms for our company.

Screenshot (123)

The final shot is of a British support gunner sporting a gasmask with the Union Jack camo painted on it and he’s reloading the Bren LMG which is a powerhouse of a weapon within the game. This probably is part of the customization, I really hope that some of the customization features aren’t as goofy as we saw in the reveal and in this scene with the gasmask.  In the end, the map that we’re going to see in the trailer will most likely be the beta map.



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