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Letters from the Front


Earlier today, DICE released the full trailer that we received a small peak at yesterday. This new trailer shows the devastation of Rotterdam, a brand new map that takes place during the German aerial bombardment of the city in May 1940.

Yesterday, the teaser trailer dropped which I did an in-depth breakdown of and now we’ll break down the actual trailer. Let’s get started!

Screenshot (124)

The first scene of the trailer shows a British soldier trying to hide from the Germans and trying to get away. He doesn’t as the Tiger tank rolls up and assesses the situation.

Screenshot (125)

A scene from yesterday’s teaser. A German commander is on top of his tank assessing the situation with a soldier next to the tank. The Tiger has some sort of white / metallic camo which is probably a customization option.

Screenshot (126)

A good look at the city of Rotterdam. Breathtaking. 

Screenshot (127)

A nice view of the rail system. I wonder if this is a control point.

Screenshot (128)

The soldier from yesterday’s teaser is walking alone and waiting for his pals to show up. If we look closely at the Thompson he is holding, he is holding the Drum magazine variant of the weapon without the foregrip. This variant of the Thompson saw a lot of usage in the Pacific Theater, particularly at Guadalcanal. 

Screenshot (129)

The scene from the teaser trailer yesterday. The British are en retreat and we can see that the soldier who I thought was reviving his friend isn’t actually reviving his friend but instead grabbing ammo from the dead German there. The gun isn’t the Sten but something similar, maybe the Sterling?

Screenshot (130)

The next scene, we see a couple of British soldiers in retreat from the enemy. Our character is holding the Vickers K LMG, which was a British LMG designed for use for aircraft but it looks like it was also designed for ground use.

Screenshot (131)

In this scene, we can see that the soldier is about to drop out of the window and our character is holding a Lee-Enfield with possibly a rifle grenade or he has equipped a silencer.

Screenshot (132)

And the soldier jumps from the window and his teammate down below is sporting an FG42 with an optical sight which wasn’t very commonly used during World War II. 

Screenshot (133)

Motorcycles are back and the camera pans to the recon class and she is sporting a Lee Enfield Mark IV rifle with what looks like a muzzle break or a bayonet, most likely a bayonet.

Screenshot (134)

A good look of one section from the Rotterdam map before the V1 Rocket hits and before the Luftwaffe bombs the city.

Screenshot (135)

Then the trailer cuts to black and we see a city now bombed out and that the British have taken up guerilla warfare as the fighting will continue very soon. This is the second map in the Grand Operations game mode so expect to see a lot of heavy fighting on this map once Day 2 rolls around.

Screenshot (136)

Fighting amongst the ruins. The soldier is carrying some sort of LMG here, it is hard to pinpoint as we don’t see the model but judging from how heavy it looks and the rate of fire, it is probably an LMG of some kind. 

Screenshot (137)

In this scene, we can see a German soldier on top of a half track with a mounted MG42. It sounds super powerful. 

Screenshot (138)

Authentic customization and a change of scenery perhaps?

Screenshot (139)

Indeed a change of scenery. In this scene, the Fall of France has begun as fighting breaks out across the River Escaut. The River Escaut otherwise known as the Schedlt runs from northern France to Belgium to the Netherlands where it becomes known as the Schedlt. During World War II, the river became a contested point in 1944. 

Screenshot (140)

The scenery has changed yet again with dogfighting over the African desert. This map probably takes place during the Western Desert Campaign of 1940. 

Screenshot (141)

And Battle Royale.

Screenshot (142)

Battle Royale is in Battlefield V. It looks like its going to be a nice addition to the franchise, I just hope it doesn’t take precedence over the rest of the game. It would be a shame for the multiplayer to die out in favor of Battle Royale, I hope it doesn’t become too big. 

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