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Letters from the Front

ss 12

It is basically common knowledge by now that everyone really dislikes EA for their actions last year with the Battlefront II fiasco and the closure of Visceral Games as well as the ruination of the Mass Effect franchise. It was announced on Tuesday that Patrick Söderlund is leaving EA.

Before becoming CEO of Electronic Arts, Patrick Söderlund was the CEO of DICE when EA acquired DICE back in October 2006 before the launch of Battlefield 2142 on October 17th, 2006. Ever since then, he has risen through the ladder at EA until his recent position.

One of his major accomplishments was bringing DICE’s in-house engine, the Frostbite Engine, to the rest of the games within EA’s catalog. Today, the Frostbite Engine powers all of EA’s games including Need for Speed, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect on top of their sports games like FIFA and Madden.

You could say that his tenure was good as well as bad, during his time there, EA became the centerpiece of the Star Wars: Battlefront II fiasco as well as the closure of Visceral Games, developer of Dead Space, and the Battlefield V reveal trailer’s outrage with some of the blame being directed at EA for how Battlefield V, the next installment in the franchise which is set in the Second World War, is too politically correct with the inclusion of female soldiers.

I would say that he is more remembered for being behind EA’s fuckups than their accomplishments and I really can’t say I’ll miss him. Let’s hope that EA makes some good decisions and continue on the path that they’re on now which is trying to atone for their mistakes with games like Battlefield V and Anthem.

( Thanks to JusticeJoker for his screenshots of the Battlefield V Closed Alpha.)

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