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Letters from the Front


Earlier today, DICE released a brand new trailer for Battlefield V showcasing the Company and what can we expect from character customization and we also received news about the beta and much more.

As you know, Battlefield V features for the first time character customization in the form of the Company. The Company is a set of customizable characters from different factions that you can customize and tweak to your own liking, from player models to vehicles like tanks and airplanes although vehicle customization is coming much later during the game’s lifecycle, probably around the first or second update to the game.

So, let’s take a look at the brand new trailer that features brand new gameplay and go deep into how the company works.


Screenshot (143)

We can see Allied soldiers and what seems like a British medic on top of a tank getting ready to ambush the Panzer. This game mode seems to be an FFA type game mode or probably Battle Royale as both soldiers seem to look like they’re from the Allied faction.

Screenshot (144)


Screenshot (145)

An Assault player ambushes the Panzer Tank with a Panzerfaust.

Screenshot (146)

In the next scene, the player character is holding the Webley Mk. IV revolver which makes its return from BF1. The Webley saw usage in both World Wars.

Screenshot (147)

In this screen, we can see how we can customize our company. We can be accurate to the era or go all out with unique design choices to bring us out of the World War II era. According to the game’s deluxe edition, the British faction within the game isn’t the British Expeditionary Force but the SAS and that’s why the British faction looks so different to what we have come to know from World War II media featuring the British Army.   We can also see that the Sjögren Inertia Shotgun makes its return from BF1. The Sjögren was a Swedish Shotgun used in both World Wars.

Screenshot (148)

In this scene, we can see that the Allies and Axis factions are doing battle in Narvik with this Medic sporting an unknown SMG. It looks like the Grease Gun?

Screenshot (149)

The Lewis Gun makes its return from Battlefield 1. The Lewis Gun was a World War I era weapon which saw usage again by the British Army during World War II. We can see that the Lewis Gun has greater graphical fidelity than its BF1 counterpart and it’s just as powerful as its BF1 counterpart.

Screenshot (150)_LI

In this little snippet. We can see that the map overlay is that of Narvik and we can see that the M1A1 Carbine belongs in the Assault class as we can see the Panzerfaust there. The M1A1 Carbine was designed in 1938 and saw usage with American paratroopers and US Marines alongside British Commandos in the SAS in their raids in Europe and on the North African coastline.

Screenshot (151)

We can see how we will upgrade our weapons in the multiplayer. It looks very RPG-ish with the way we can distribute upgrades into different upgradable parts. Here, we can see how we can upgrade the M30 Luftwaffe Drilling and we can select a Heavy Load. The Heavy Load upgrade gives us a heavier buckshot pellet that allows us to shoot further.

Screenshot (152)

The Lee-Enfield makes its return from BF1. However, this variant is the Lee Enfield Mk. IV which is the next iteration of the original weapon which saw usage in the First World War. In the interwar years, the Lee Enfield went through some experimental changes that resulted in the Mk.IV which was adopted in 1939.

Screenshot (153)

This unknown gun makes its appearance again in this scene. The game mode seems to be Allies vs. Axis or some kind of domination type of mode as the faction flag isn’t visible on the Allied side.

Screenshot (154)

Authentic customization!

Screenshot (155)

A first look at the first expansion for Battlefield V. The Fall of Europe takes you on a journey of the Fall of Western Europe as the German Army breaks out of the Ardennes Forest and begin Fall Gleb in the West. The Fall of Europe takes you on a historical journey through the European campaigns of 1940. We should learn more about this sometime after launch.




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