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Letters from the Front


Yesterday, we learned a lot more about Battlefield V and what the beta consists of and we also received a new trailer that goes in depth on the Company and the customization outfits; you can read that here.

Let’s break down on everything that came out of Gamescom for Battlefield V.

Open Beta


We received news about the open beta which will began on September 4th and will become open for everyone on September 6th and will run for a limited run and pre-load begins on September 3rd.

For the first time in the franchise, the beta will feature two maps called Rotterdam that takes place during the German aerial bombardment of the city in May 1940 and in Narvik during the German invasion of Norway in April 1940.



Conquest and the brand new Grand Operations will be playable during the beta. Conquest will be playable both on Arctic Fjord and Rotterdam. Conquest is the classic Battlefield game mode where both teams have to capture flags on a massive map and use all the tools of war to win the round.

Grand Operations will also be available to play during the beta. Grand Operations is a historical game mode where it takes you on a historical journey throughout World War II’s most iconic and unknown battles. Grand Operations returns from Battlefield 1 where it was called “Operations.” and took you on a historical journey throughout some of the battles throughout World War I and this game mode will only be playable on Arctic Fjord.

Tides of War


The Tides of War is Battlefield V’s Live Service. In this Live Service, Tides of War will take you on a journey throughout World War II as it happened. At the start of the game, the game will take place during the course of 1940 and throughout 2019, more phases of World War II will open up like the Normandy invasion or the Battle of Bulge.

Within the beta, the Tides of War Live Service will be available to check out with 5 different chapters to play through. Each chapter is designed to focus on what happened during the course of 1940 and highlight different tactics, for example, the Blitzkrieg chapter will focus on the German Blitzkrieg or what happened throughout the Fall of France and is designed to give players different gameplay experiences and if players complete this section of Tides of War than a nice reward will be waiting in the full game in October.

The Fall of Europe will be available sometime in November and will chronicle the Fall of Western Europe as the German Army breaks through the Ardennes Forest in Spring of 1940. We should learn more about that section as the launch of the game gets closer.

The Company

ss 12

Lastly, we got details on “The Company.” and how the Company works within Battlefield V.

For the first time in the franchise, we’re getting in-depth customization which means we can customize our soldiers in any way that we want; we can change their skin tone, their gender, and their uniforms. Currently, there are 4 categories on different customization options such as different faces, headgear, upper and lower body gear sets. On top of customizing our soldiers, we’ll be able to customize our vehicles like tanks and airplanes and we will be able to carry that into the multiplayer and our company will evolve through time and the Tides of War DLC system.

Through the Tides of War DLC system, we’ll be getting new companies through new factions like the American Army or United States Marine Corps ( depending on what branch of the US Armed Forces DICE wants to add.) or the Red Army and we can customize those factions and see them evolve through the system and as the war progresses into 1945.

At first, at the launch of the game, we’ll be getting two factions and two companies which are the British SAS and the Wehrmacht as the base game begins in 1940 after the invasion of Poland.

And that does it. Stay tuned for my Beta impressions when that goes live on September 4th.

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