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Letters from the Front


World War II was supposed to be a home run for EA and DICE, especially on the heels after Battlefield 1, a game that really put the franchise on the map after countless entries with a groundbreaking setting and a never before seen portrayal of the First World War.

The First World War was a groundbreaking setting because it was never done before and most of what occurred during the conflict are and were lost to history and no major studio didn’t want to do the setting because of the gameplay challenges but DICE went ahead and tackled the challenges of the First World War and it came out being a complete success and a knock out of the park so a game set in the Second World War would kind of follow that example and be a bigger success? But that hasn’t happened and the game is suffering from the mistakes that DICE and EA have set and it is turning into a complete disaster.

Today, we’ll look into why that is and how they can fix that. From what I played, the game is a knock out of the park with its innovative changes and excellent gunplay that rewards skill and gameplay that rewards team play more than ever before. I hope the game doesn’t fail because the game is excellent and its super fun and I believe that given a chance, this game could become one of the most innovative game in the franchise.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Original Trailer

This says enough. 12 million views and half a million dislikes, this is the worst received trailer within the history of Battlefield and the reason for this is pretty clear. The trailer is absolute garbage and nobody liked it, not even me.

First of all is that trailer didn’t portray WW2, a war that is considered to be the worst war in the history of mankind and is considered to be one of the greatest wars. It brought WW2 down to a Fornite level and it mocked WW2 and it didn’t even look like WW2.

The trailer was cheesy, too over the top, didn’t portray World War II, and the whole trailer was just a complete mess. From all the goofy-looking characters to a woman with a prosthetic arm, it just looked like a disaster and it didn’t give off a good first impression. First impressions matter when you reveal your game for the first time and that trailer really didn’t do a good job of it.

The female soldier with a prosthetic arm garnered the most backlash within the community and the gaming sphere as a whole as it suggests that the Second World War was a war that females fought on the frontlines with men when that didn’t really happen in the actual war ( apart from the Red Army and Resistance forces in occupied Europe.) so from everyone’s point of view, including myself until I learned more, was that this was more of a political statement than trying to honor the source material that DICE was drawing from and it felt forced instead of just naturally accepting it.

Politics is dangerous when put in a videogame, especially one that revolves around history or revolves around a particular point in history. People, including myself, don’t like when politics enter the main picture, especially now in 2018. So, next time try to add the idea of female soldiers in a war game naturally and not by forcing the idea down people’s throats because it won’t end well.

In my personal opinion, my opinion changed at EA Play after learning that BFV isn’t trying to be a historical documentary or a book about the conflict, just a game based around the backdrop of World War II and taking key events from the conflict and spinning it in a fictional manner. It’s basically a fictional take on World War II and I am not sure why DICE is so afraid to say that.

“If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.” mentality. 


The biggest mistake of all time.

Shortly after the reveal, Patrick Söderlund told Gamasutra that “the people who complained about the female soldiers within Battlefield V are uneducated and that if you don’t like the direction that we’re going then don’t buy it. I’m fine with either or.” and this blew up which caused further outrage and Battlefield V received a bigger backlash than the reveal.

You just can’t say that ever to the consumers that you’re trying to aim for and you can’t say that ever. If your intention is to sell the most copies of your product, you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that and it confirmed that adding female soldiers in the game was more of a political statement than something that was done just naturally.

After this interview, EA stockholders and investors on Wall Street were ticked off and recently, last week, Patrick Söderlund left EA and he leaves before the game launches in 2 months. So in everyone’s mind, he’s jumping the ship because Battlefield V might end up being a complete disaster and an utter failure on the scale of Medal of Honor: Warfighter back in 2012.

Preorders are 85% behind Call of Duty: Black Ops IV


A couple days ago, it was reported by CNBC that Battlefield V preorders are way below Call of Duty: Black Ops IV like so below that it there is barely no interest in the game as you have Black Ops IV and Red Dead Redemption II in the same month. Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 lagged 20% and 30% behind Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts back in 2011 and 2013 respectively and Battlefield 1 in terms of pre-order sales was higher than Infinite Warfare’s back in 2016.

This conclusion leads that there is almost no interest in Battlefield V and that it could lead to a massive disappointment on the scale of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. If this game flopped, it would be the first game to flop in the franchise.

All of this is a result of bad decisions and bad marketing undertaken by EA and DICE. The game is weak when it comes to marketing, there is almost no info on the game outside of recent events at Gamescom. I suggest them to step it up especially 2 months before the launch of the game.

If Battlefield V was a huge flop, we could possibly see the franchise move into a different timeframe like August or September to avoid games like Red Dead Redemption II, Fallout, and other big games coming out in the fall. I hope it doesn’t flop as the game is honestly one of the best Battlefield games in recent memory, its innovative gameplay changes like attrition, a return to skillful gunplay, and an in-depth character customization, as well as the removal of Premium Pass, makes Battlefield V one of the best games in the franchise. All things considered, it doesn’t look good for the game and that’s a shame because this game could really become something special if enough time comes to pass.

Anyways, stay tuned for my Beta First Impressions coming on September 4th.

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