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Letters from the Front


The Battlefield V beta has come and gone and I must say that it was a decent beta although filled with bugs I came away super impressed and I have a lot of hope for Battlefield V because it holds a lot of potential.

The potential of Battlefield V is immense. DICE can really bring World War II out in a way that never has been seen before in any videogame ever; from the early campaigns of 1940 to the Pacific Theater and Resistance missions throughout occupied Europe, DICE can really dig into World War II and bring it to life for the first time instead of resorting back to those famous movies like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. There is so much potential here that it is insane on how much DICE can really bring World War II to life but that is for a different day.

Today, I’ll be going into depth about the open beta; the problems that DICE needs to fix and the stuff I liked about the beta. The gameplay is pretty good, the gunplay is awesome, and the overall game mechanics are good and returns the game to its roots where the franchise was of tactical significance before the franchise went the casual route after Bad Company 2 released.

Here are four takeaways from Battlefield V. Let’s begin!

Reviving needs some work


As a Medic, your job is to revive your teammates and that is kind of difficult to do when the game doesn’t necessarily do a good job of pointing out to you who needs a revive or who is dead.

During Battlefield 1’s lifecycle, there was a small indicator that gave you directions to who needed to be revived and get back in the fight and that feature became a huge hit with the playerbase and so in Battlefield V that makes a return.

However, the revive icon in Battlefield V is so small that you can’t see it and that creates confusion when you’re with your friends so I think they have to enlarge the revive icon and make it obvious. It’s frustrating when you’re a medic and your friend tells you over the mic that he’s on the right of you and you have to search him out instead of the game pointing to your downed teammate. It would be great to have the revive icons enlarged so you can tell who needs a revive or who is dead.



Tanks have seen the biggest change yet in Battlefield V. They operate more like the tanks in World of Tanks or other games of that nature where tanks have a turret speed and they operate as effectively as the tanks seen in those types of games but the problem lays with the tank itself.

Now that the tank has a turret speed, the tanks themselves need a buff. TNT won’t do the trick but a number of good assault players with TNT and Panzerfausts can do great damage to you and most instances, a tank will not have full health because the player needs to get out of the tank and repair it using their repair torches. They get destroyed very easily and it doesn’t really help with the teamwork mechanic as the person in the tank will sit back because they know once they move into the objective, Assault players will begin assaulting the tanks so I think tanks like the Panzer and the Churchill needs a good buff.

Weapon Upgrade System


Battlefield V now has a weapon upgrade system which looks very similar to how you rank up within RPGs like Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. Every time, you rank up the weapon you’re using you’ll get to upgrade them and choose which skill tree you’ll want. These two skill trees offer completely different upgrade paths for your weapon; one path may have better hipfire and a larger magazine while the other may have better ADS time and faster bullets that allow you to take down opponents fairly quickly.

These changes allow the weapon to change and allow the weapon to perform better and this has a progression system for your weapon is quite different but I like it although I have a gripe with it. These upgrades are just simply upgrades without changing anything and the more you add to it, the more powerful it gets without any drawback. It would be nice to get a few tradeoffs with these upgrades so I can account for certain things instead of killing the person faster than he will kill me.

Attrition System


The attrition system is an interesting idea but it is way overdone so I think DICE needs to go back to the drawing board on this one and tweak it a bit.

It’s unacceptable that you spawn in with two magazines for your primary weapon when your secondary has about ten magazines although I like it. The attrition system encourages teamplay more than ever before and it gives the support class a much more useful role but one of the cons is that you run out of ammo quickly so I think you need to spawn in with a little bit more extra mags with your primary weapon.

                                              * * *

The Battlefield V Beta had a really rocky start as squads and other features had hiccups like black screen issues and matchmaking issues but some of these has been sorted out but it clearly stated that Battlefield V needs some more time in the oven. I personally think from what I played during the beta, Battlefield V needs more time in the oven and EA DICE should release the game in March 2019 to make sure the game works as intended and make sure everything is up to scratch.

I really like Battlefield V and I think the direction that the game is headed towards is a good one. This game has so much potential to become something great that could bring not the entirety but some of World War II to life like the unknown battles that have been lost to history like the Battle of Tarawa Atoll or the Battle of Saipan; Battlefield V has a lot of potential and I hope EA DICE sees that and does the right thing.

Stay tuned for more on Battlefield V when it releases on November 20th, 2018.




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